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  1. Prescott Valley family needs a seizure dog for 4-year-old son
  2. AU / Dignity for Disability MP Kelly Vincent calls harsher penalties for ...
  3. A blind man walking with a guide dog has been assaulted in Bangor
  4. Service Dogs Helping Veterans
  5. Therapy Dog 'Tinder' Helps Children With Disabilities
  6. Community, family raise money to get service dog for girl with seizures
  7. Air Force Vet Gets Service Dog In Time for Veteran's Day
  8. Mental health of veterans topic of NAMI meeting
  9. Service dog helps U.S. Army veteran lead 'somewhat of a normal life'
  10. UK / Joanna Jones vs. Easyjet: Taking Discrimination to New Heights
  11. Attorney Fights To Save Pit Bull's Life
  12. Help Find Echo The Dog!
  13. Furry friend helps predict seizures for little Plymouth girl
  14. Prescott Valley family needs a seizure dog for 4-year-old son
  15. Blind paralympian Chris Holmes becomes a peer
  16. Graduation day for canine companions and their partners
  17. Flemington group matches service dogs with wounded veterans
  18. { puppy} Veterans Day: Quest for service dogs for disabled veteran, diabetic ..
  19. Cle Elum service dog missing
  20. UK/ Deaf hearing dog finds a new home with trainer Nicci Cross
  21. Walter Panas High School Student Trains Guiding Eyes Dog
  22. UK / Blind charity champion targeted by neds
  23. US Judge Says City Neglected Disabled
  24. Appeals court OKs former law studentís suit
  25. Precious Eyes
  26. War vet to be reunited with lost service dog
  27. School shooting victim gets help from new service dog
  28. Mental Illness LOA for College Students
  29. medical director suggested he shoot his service dog for not detecting seizures
  30. How food stamp cuts will affect your state
  31. Appeals Court allows lawsuit against Drake University over service ...
  32. For $10K, Families Feel Cheated By 'Trained' Service Dogs
  33. Rise in pets as therapy for mental conditions
  34. UK / Runner raises cash for Dogs for the Disabled
  35. FDA seeks public's help in improving pet food regulations
  36. Can/ Adopted SPCA dog becomes a PTSD companion
  37. Canada: Adopted SPCA dog becomes a PTSD companion
  38. Tucson: Diabetic Alert Dog Information Sessions
  39. Samantha, a 6-year-old who could die from her severe allergies ...
  40. China/ Disabled man drives dogsled on Wuhan thoroughfare
  41. Rise in Pets as Therapy for Mental Conditions
  42. Hospital Sued By EEOC For Firing Nurse Who Needed A Cane
  43. Disrespected by impostors
  44. US Airways fined $1.2M over wheelchair assistance
  45. Student to start ballet company at Stillman College
  46. AU/ War hero Reece Maloney refused entry to Coogee Bay Hotel over ...
  47. UK / Blind charity supporter is given a new leash on life
  48. AU / 'Downton Abbey' star sets record straight
  49. Lynden woman gets guide dog
  50. Paws and Stripes trains dogs to help veterans