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  1. UK/ Blind woman turned away from London cafe because of guide dog
  2. UK / Guide dog discrimination
  3. Seeing Eye Dog Attacked in Abilene Neighborhood
  4. Service dog helps anxious people by making them hold his paw
  5. Veteran says he was kicked out of dog park for not taking his service off leash
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  7. How a Service Dog Saved My Life
  8. Bucks woman seeks help to raise money for service dog
  9. Letter: Service dogs
  10. EU article/ Turn your dog into a diabetic alert dog
  11. Navy vet, service dog advised to leave grocery store due to safety
  12. Navy vet, service dog advised to leave grocery store due to safety
  13. Obituary for Joan Marilyn Froling
  14. Army vet and service dog kicked off of Spirit Airlines flight
  15. Blue buffalo agrees to c/a settlement
  16. CAN / BC / New guide dog certification might be barking up wrong tree
  17. Travel and Allergies: What to Do When Animals Are on Board
  18. Bonehead Restaurant Manager Tells Blind Woman Her Service Dog ..
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  20. Kaukauna veteran in conflict with employer over service dog
  21. Cops: Man tries to rob woman in wheelchair with service dog
  22. Utah veteran says lying about needing a service animal makes life
  23. Fake service animals would be criminalized under a bill that just passed the Col
  24. Disabled man sparks terror alert at Department of Treasury
  25. Shortage of SD--Price Jumps
  26. The power of poop: Southeastern Guide Dogs on cutting edge of .
  27. MedVet Medical & Cancer Centers for Pets Offers Complimentary
  28. AU/ Uber driver in Australia refuses to pick up blind man with guide dog
  29. New Hampshire restaurant boots veteran due to service dog
  30. The Tax-Deductible Service Dog and Other Medical Tax Deductions
  31. North blotter: Intoxicated man claims his small dog is service animal ...
  32. Austin City Council to weigh changing discrimination complaint
  33. New York Restaurant Denies Blind Woman and Her Service Dog
  34. Restaurant comes under fire for denying service to woman with
  35. Restaurant incident brings up service dog rules
  36. Military wife upset about service dog treatment
  37. Man says he and his service dog were kicked out of Whole Foods
  38. Disability law gives some rights to service dog handler
  39. Marine pleads guilty to stealing service dog
  40. Bill could give vets with PTSD service dogs
  41. Merrick Pet funds research to prove service dog benefits for ..
  42. UK | Emotion guide dog saves Sheffield woman's life
  43. Service dog or just a pet? Maine bill seeks clarity and tougher .
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  45. When Welfare Cuts Hit Sheppie the Guide Dog \\
  46. Fake service dogs pose a growing problem
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  48. AU / Man wins Virgin air legal case
  49. Reasonable accommodations and modifications
  50. CAN / How far do you need to go to accommodate an employee?