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  16. Disability still matters in ADA claims
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  19. Diabetic Alert Service Dogs
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  22. Dangerous Virus Killing Dogs
  23. Fake Service Dogs Often Go Unchecked
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  27. Service dogs: faking it?
  28. Paraplegic teen getting new leash on life with Aggie guide dog
  29. CAN / Program teaches dogs to detect low blood sugar in diabetics
  30. Three Labradoodle puppies start training to be service dogs after .
  31. UK / Tesco in Sutton tells blind woman to leave because of her guide dog
  32. UK / Yorkie dog hits the paws button to save his disabled owner
  33. Fake service dogs cause problems for legitimate ones, woman says
  34. UK / Only one dog allowed
  35. Lance Corporal Ryan Rankins receives service dog from Guardians .
  36. What should we do? Employee says he's allergic to co-worker's ..
  37. 2 Investigators: Fake Service Dog Credentials Easily Available Online
  38. Hononegah prepares for first service dog for medical needs
  39. veteran story with new SD in the news
  40. A diabetic alert dog will be one girl's best friend
  41. Service dog goes to work at school
  42. Service dog helps Susquehanna Township woman bridge the gap
  43. Kirkland librarian trains future leader dog
  44. Diabetic Alert Dog information sessions Tuesday
  45. Family fundraises for much needed service dog
  46. PAALS Graduation ceremony slated for Friday
  47. Service Dogs Help Veterans Heal (VIDEO)
  48. Service dog keeps child safe
  49. Service Dogs Help Veterans: But Our Government Isn't Helping
  50. AU / Family calls for Victorian law to recognise autism assistance dogs