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  1. AU / Crown Cabs driver refuses to let blind Sunbury couple's guide dog ..
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  3. Chatham woman, 4-legged friend working together
  4. Interesting Research on Aggression in the Belgian Shepherd Group
  5. Raising 'eyes for the blind'
  6. new training protocol /police/to avoid unnecessary loss of people’s pets."
  7. Burlington woman seeks seizure alert dog for safety, independence
  8. NJ/Dusty's Law sets out to protect service dogs
  9. Guide dog inspires blind Aggie grad to begin local program
  10. Service dogs help veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder
  11. UK / 'Before Esther came I could not go out when on my own'
  12. Sam Hogle graduates from KSU with guide dog
  13. UK / VIDEO: Milton Keynes medical dog scores ca-nine out of ten
  14. Local guide dog Coastie to help Marine Corps veteran
  15. Barney's Run for Warriors scheduled at MCLB-Albany
  16. Woman bitten by dog at bar
  17. Veteran's service dog controversy at East Texas restaurant highlights new Texas
  18. White German shepherd certified as guide dog
  19. China / Chengdu Subway Authorities Apologize After Barring Guide Dog
  20. Chatham woman,4-legged friend raise awareness about service ...
  21. Raise a future guide dog in your home
  22. Rumana's 'Dusty Law' Bill Advances in Committee
  23. Guide dog helps champion blind golfer stay the course
  24. Canada: Muslim Cabbies Refuse Blind With Dogs
  25. Judge: Homeless shelter isn't exempt from housing laws
  26. Fergus family thankful for young woman's guide dog
  27. From the Archive: This mailman's not afraid of dogs
  28. CAN / Blind Man Files Complaint After He Says Muslim Cabbies .
  29. Puppy/ Diabetes-alert dog a life-saver for boy
  30. Woman faces charges for service dog death
  31. AU / Seeing eye dog Rusty guides Esther to safety
  32. China/ Jenny, 1st Guide-Dog Allowed to Board Chengdu Subway
  33. AU / iPhones and guide dogs work together
  34. Making a Difference: Service Dogs for Children
  35. CAN /Blind man allegedly kicked out of 7-11 because of service dog
  36. Fake service dogs hurting those who actually need them
  37. Pet Talk: Blind Portland woman's new guide dog provides comfort ...
  38. UK/ 'Lick of life' saved Thea from coma
  39. Diabetes-alert dog a life-saver for boy
  40. EXCLUSIVE: Guide Dog Leads Owner From Burning Home In ...
  41. NZ/ Dog ears on duty
  42. Woody snores in musical support
  43. Dog completes circle for some disabled kids
  44. BFF Dog Training shows how you can help with alert dogs
  45. Disabled veteran and his service dog denied entry
  46. AU/ Guide dog loses toenail in old wooden escalator at railway station
  47. Sixth-graders raise money to help buy service dog for Nipomo teen
  48. Puppy/ Meet Murphy, the dog who can sniff out diabetic alerts
  49. A Boy and His Subaru
  50. AU / Big dog brings message to Merimbula