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  2. Floresville woman trains dogs to 'see' for people in need
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  15. The Voice'
  16. Barrister Bits - Aug 2013
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  20. Service Dog Meets Actor Dressed As Pluto On Disney Cruise, And Is ...
  21. CAN / Mediation fails to solve complaint involving seeing-eye dog
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  23. Bite history dog/ See What Dutch the Service Dog Has Been Up to
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  25. Norris speaks to American Legion about K9s For Warriors
  26. Raising dogs with big hearts, amazing skills to help others
  27. Pets Loyal 2 Vets
  28. Bus driver harrasses veteran, dog
  29. Impostor Service Dogs On The Rise In San Diego
  30. Tour promotes service dogs for veterans with PTSD
  31. Protest set Sunday for veteran booted from Pulaski Club because of ...
  32. Help Me Howard: A HIPAA Violation?
  33. Guide dogs trained in subways
  34. Technology for Amputee!
  35. Puppy/ Diabetic alert dog could save St. Charles County boy's life
  36. 'Little angel': Rescue dog helps doctors monitor girl during surgery
  37. Campaign Helped Diabetic Get Special Dog; Now She Needs Help ...
  38. Dog to save 18-year-old from highs and lows in blood sugar
  39. Blind man, guide dog survive being run over by subway cars
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  41. Service Dogs Being Illegally Removed From Local Businesses
  42. To the dogs
  43. A Christmas dream come true for diabetic Lincoln teenager
  44. Islamic group says guide dogs OK
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  47. Simon Cowell's dog peed in Gucci store
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  49. UK / East of England Ambulance Service to unveil blind friendly ..
  50. UK / Fund-raisers asked to get in touch with their inner child for Guide Dogs