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  1. Connecticut bill creates crime for distracting service dogs
  2. If it looks like a service dog and acts like a service dog, is it?
  3. Mom fears school's new service dog policy endangers son with serious allergy
  4. Wyoming may make it illegal to pretend pet is service animal
  5. No shirt, no shoes, no service dog?
  6. UK / Blind man 'refused chance of a job' because of his guide dog
  7. The Truth About Service Pets
  8. Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers Delivers Diabetic Alert Service Dog to Child i
  9. Washington lawmakers back protections for guide dogs,
  10. Service dogs on college campuses
  11. District settles service dog fight in Bay City
  12. CAN /Ontario family fights to have autistic son's service dog in classroom
  13. Denying the use of an employee’s service dog cost this small business $22,730
  14. Bill giving teeth to N.J. service dog law advances
  15. Veteran's service dog traumatized when her car was vandalized
  16. City holds ADA 'refresher' after taxi drivers refuse service dog
  17. UK / Blind guide dog owner says: "If I can pick up dog poo why can't everyone el
  18. Massachusetts/ Penalty proposed for people with bogus service dogs
  19. Pit bull mauls service dog, owner
  20. Shelter searches for owner of stray dog found wearing service dog vest
  21. Fake service animals attacking people
  22. 'Ruff' justice: Supreme Court rules for disabled girl, service dog Richard Wolf
  23. Is That Dog on Your Flight Really a Service Pet? The Transportation Department i
  24. Uber driver refuses to pick up blind paratriathlete with service dog
  25. Family files suit after service dog scam By: Aaron Eades
  26. Wonder Wins
  27. PETA planning protest of 'A Dog's Purpose' movie screenings
  28. Neptune Beach city council passes law making fake service dogs illegal (2 articl
  29. Indiana / Legislation aims to stop phony service dogs
  30. UK: Blind Man Reveals Horrendous Abuse He Receives On Daily Commute
  31. Hate Crime Charges Filed After Sickening Video Shows Attack On Mentally Ill Man
  32. Warren Retrievers being investigated and fined
  33. New York Times best-selling author found dead inside Downtown El Paso hotel room
  34. US News and World Report article on SDs
  35. Letter: Use different color service capes for dogs
  36. UK/ Uber taxi driver 'sped off after spotting visually impaired passenger .
  37. Service Dog Case Draws Skepticism From Both Sides At The Supreme Court
  38. USA: A combat veteran with PTSD wasn’t allowed to fly with her service dog. So
  39. Service dog or pet? Maine clarifies law
  40. UK / Guide dog kicked in the FACE and paws run over by cruel mum
  41. Conference re service dogs on airlines in Sept 2016 - FYI
  42. Falsely Claiming to Have a Service Dog Is Now Illegal in Virginia
  43. Research highlights the legal issues of certifying emotional support animals
  44. US: Fake Service Dogs: Problem or Propaganda
  45. Wheelchair-bound employee told he can't use service dog at work
  46. MOVED: Having a hard time maintaining training of SD, advice?
  47. Woman found innocent in service dog assault case
  48. UK/ Appeal after Guide Dog attacked and blind man verbally abused
  49. UK/ UPDATE: BP garage owners apologise after blind woman forced to
  50. CSU to clarify emotional support animal policy, changes to occur .