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  1. Dogs for the Deaf now training autism service dogs
  2. UK/ Blind Nuneaton woman loses freedom after guide dog injury
  3. Disabled veteran says he was asked to leave entertainment center .
  4. Severe Respiratory Infection Outbreak at Windsor Kennel
  5. Service dog assaulted
  6. Service dog missing after turnpike crash
  7. Chesterton garage sale raises funds for service dog for autistic boy
  8. 'I'm Going to Kick Your Dog!'
  9. Pit bull owners head to court in Minot
  10. CAN / Woman anguishes over loss of service dog
  11. 'Bayboro Blonde' guide dog illness leads to early retirement
  12. Ireland/ Almost 150 face return to rough sleeping as Dublin hostels close Irish
  13. If cab business falls to Uber, who serves disabled people?
  14. CAN / Steakhouse loses $12000 human rights tribunal ruling after ignoring
  15. CAN / Nova Scotia Introduces Law to Regulate Use, Protect Rights of
  16. The New California Regulations Part IV: Support Animals in the
  17. UK / Blind Milton Keynes woman claims she was thrown out of Jobcentre
  18. UK/ Blind woman who was refused Uber taxis takes drivers to court for
  19. VA study of service dogs for vets with PTSD faces questions
  20. Family says Henry County company didn't deliver on service dogs
  21. Family blames Humane Society for dog's death
  22. Even The Disabled Can't Agree On Colorado's Fake Service Dog Bill
  23. Louisiana lawmaker files bill to create service dog regulations
  24. State agents raid service dog business following Channel 2 report
  25. GV student files lawsuit against Meadows Crossing over therapy
  26. Veteran "terminated" after fight to take service dog to work
  27. UK/ Couple's 'lifeline' assistance dog unable to live with them in
  28. Semper K9 trains rescue dogs to help disabled veterans
  29. EU / Guide dogs still barred from public places in France
  30. AU/ Uber driver refuses to take blind man's guide dog because it would
  31. Dexter, MO veterans protest to support service dog laws
  32. Woman says man stabbed her service dog
  33. Missouri House passes mental health service dog legislation
  34. Suspect in rape, killing of therapy dog in Thurston County released ...
  35. Dogs, Not Drugs for Struggling Vets Florida congressman pushes
  36. CAN / Local autistic boy not allowed to bring service dog to school
  37. Video contradicts veteran's claim about service dog
  38. Legislation to outlaw phony service animals dies in Senate committee
  39. Disabled vet searching for missing service dog
  40. At the State Capitol: Service dog bill put outside
  41. Lost service dog found near downtown Macon
  42. Active-duty Marine alledgely told he couldn't eat at buffet because of ..
  43. Rowden's battle with organization over service dog ends
  44. Service dog takes massive dump on Donald Trump's Walk of Fame .
  45. Woman accused of using service dog's vest to steal art supplies
  46. Oceanside man denied Uber ride over service dog
  47. Service dog owner says restaurant asked all the wrong questions
  48. AU / blind busker targeted repeatedly by female thief
  49. Sure-Footed Friends: MIRA Guide Dogs, Teens Try Each Other Out
  50. A boy and his service dog are together again