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  17. Update on topic "Good news (in a way)"
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  21. A rare breed indeed
  22. There's Waldo: dog supports autistic boy in Oshawa
  23. AU/ Rufus gives Leslie the freedom of the streets
  24. Family furious donated dog used for breeding
  25. AU/ Boroondara councillor calls for action as taxis bypass the blind
  26. Marketing and More: It's a (service) dog eat (family) dog world
  27. Oregon university settles lawsuit over service dog
  28. State updates 'service animal' definition
  29. Service dog lends war veteran a helping paw
  30. why can't seizure alerting be trained, was Re: Sebastian the Service Dog
  31. Veteran's service animal may be saved
  32. UK / Blind woman left “vulnerable” after guide dog is retired following ...
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  35. NCD love letter to Obama and Duncan re: IDEA funding
  36. Sebastian the Service Dog
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  39. Laurel County Family Service Dogs Controversy
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  41. UK / Dog helps save owner's life through emergency 'call' to Taunton
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  48. UK / Brave bus driver honoured for rescuing guide dog
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