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  1. Longtime Wal-Mart greeter shown the door by company
  2. Uber drivers must accept service animals under lawsuit settlement
  3. Prescribing Animals for Human Health: Above all, do no harm
  4. Woof! Dealing With Animals in Your Waiting Room or Exam Room
  5. Diabetes sniffer dogs? 'Scent' of hypos could aid development of new tests
  6. 10-year-old shooting victim waits for service dog
  7. Veteran kicked out of Dollar Tree store over PTSD-service dog
  8. Letter: Reject ordinance on comfort service dogs Battle Creek
  9. The FBI Now Considers Animal Abuse a Class A Felony
  10. Trial postponed for woman accused of attacking service dog
  11. Tell Mel: Readers rant about dogs at grocery stores
  12. Several DC taxi companies agree to new guidelines
  13. Disabled vet secures new chance for guide dog
  14. Lending a paw: B'ville teen raises money to bring service dog home
  15. Reward for disabled veteran's service dog
  16. Colo. woman claims train doors closed on dog's head
  17. Service dog dispute puts family at odds with housing authority
  18. Service dog and owner denied service at 2 local restaurants
  19. Woman and her service dog denied entrance into North Shore .
  20. DOT / Notice of second public meeting of advisory committee.
  21. Uber launches vehicles for wheelchairs in London
  22. Blind Louisiana Man Sues McDonald's for Refusing Him Drive-Thru Service
  23. Veterans study of service dogs finds critics
  24. Bullied on campus for my invisible illness & service dog (column)
  25. Veteran denied ride on CATS bus because of service dog
  26. Family surrenders service dog at center of custody battle
  27. U.S. Supreme Court Seeks Views on Level of 'Benefit' Required in .
  28. SC motel owner charged for refusing room to woman with service dog
  29. Blind woman with guide dog evicted from Foot Locker and then gets
  30. Early Neutering Poses Health Risks -- UC Davis Study
  31. Guide Dog owners call for tougher penalties for cab drivers who ...
  32. Japan / shikawa cabbie 'refused' man, guide dog
  33. UK/BIG ISSUE: Blind Chorley man campaigns against refusal of guide
  34. Man says Uber driver refused to provide service because of guide dog
  35. ervice dog recognized for assisting BPCC student with PTSD
  36. Battle Over Service Dog At Law School Graduation
  37. Service dogs: they're on the job.
  38. Woman says she was forced to leave McKinney grocery store because of service dog
  39. Uber Has a Big Ol' Dog Problem
  40. Medical alert dog who never leaves woman's side is stolen
  41. Vet with service dog denied service at Mingus bar Mineral Wells
  42. St. Louis woman denied Uber ride because of service dog
  43. AU / Tenant faces eviction for keeping psychiatric assistance dog in
  44. TTU student in recovery desperate to find stolen service dog
  45. Alabama Passes New Law Protecting Service Dogs
  46. Wichita Transit seeks to allay disabled people's fears over privatization
  47. National Park Service confirms Blue Ridge Parkway assault
  48. Woman who sued MTA over service dog wins suit against cafe
  49. Ban Battle: Pit bull service dog
  50. Unrestrained pets costing veteran chance at guide dog