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  1. Autism service dog missing from Valley Center home
  2. UK / Registered blind Widnes man becomes first to win karate brown belt
  3. Letter: Only service animals should be allowed in stores
  4. Ridgefield Professio: Members of the Ridgefield Professional F
  5. program trains dogs for kids with autism
  6. UK / St Paul's man patted blind woman's guide dog - then stole her purse
  7. Army vet learns his lost service dog is safe
  8. Broward Woman and Service Dog Unfairly Kicked Off WestJet Flight
  9. Service-Dog 'Fakers': Could It Happen at Work?
  10. Court documents reveal motive in dog theft case
  11. Neenah family eyes a service dog as they look for answers for .
  12. Diabetes Assistance Dogs Smell Blood Sugar Changes
  13. Woman, guide dog injured in hit-and-run
  14. Discrimination?: Blind Couple and seeing eye dog kicked out of
  15. AU / The innermost thoughts of soldiers laid bared in digitised diaries
  16. Ott family nearing goal for service dog to help Giana
  17. Letter: Service dog treatment is a doggone shame Amarillo
  18. AU/ Lungs, leaf blowers get festival workout
  19. Medical mystery brings little boy's seizures in the night, depletes ..
  20. UK / Blind man hails Winsford cabbie's methods but others still bucking
  21. Injured Green Beret gets service dog
  22. Dog wash, concert to benefit injured Aggie who broke neck in fall
  23. Family dog Hershey senses seizures
  24. Callison: Four-legged buddies help military vets
  25. AU / Taxi doors slammed on blind
  26. Disabled veteran's service dog missing after car crash
  27. Family needs service dog to alert for lethal foods
  28. LAWRENCE: Giving a seeing eye dog its puppy training
  29. UK / South Croydon restaurant Chat House fined after refusing diabetic
  30. EXCHANGE: Puppy learns to be guide dog
  31. Cynthia's Challenge raises $31K to help buy service dog
  32. Puppy learns to be guide dog
  33. Puppies and firefighters: Keizer fire station hosts service dog trainees
  34. AU / Dedicated animal bathrooms opened up at Brisbane Airport
  35. Assistance Dogs ARE Happy, Guest Column by Toni Eames
  36. A service dog was reported stolen
  37. Rescue Group Has Big Plans for Severely Injured Pit Bull
  38. Service dog donated for girl with bipiolar disease
  39. NZ /Best friend lends a helping hand
  40. Yorktown's Guiding Eyes For The Blind Helps Autistic Children
  41. BART's Fleet Of The Future Debuts In SF To Cheers And Jeers ...
  42. For the love of Lilly Biddeford -
  43. A Year Later, Boston Bombing Survivors Living With “Hope, Strength ...
  44. Students aim to educate people and dogs
  45. United States: Opticians Deny Request For Service Dog:
  46. Pit bulls, bonds, Fresh Hop event top Yakima agenda
  47. Shopping dogs...
  48. Elon exceeds ADA obligations for disabled students
  49. Diabetic alert dog to keep watchful eye over Holly Pond boy
  50. UK/ Mountain challenge for blind couple