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  1. Guide Dogs Take Test Run on City Subways
  2. UK / Guide dog bus attack sparks council action
  3. Dogs For Soldiers
  4. VA hospital. Police demand man muzzle service dog
  5. WMU professors win $420000 NIH grant to redesign white canes
  6. UK / Deaf couple upset as driver refuses fare
  7. New resident teacher joins Arcata Zen Group
  8. Service dog helps keep boy living with autism from wandering away
  9. Alicia Cortes: No truth to the accusations
  10. Italy / How Tuscan dogs are guiding Italy's blind West -
  11. Service dogs to be allowed at Livingston schools
  12. Fake service animals is 'very frustrating' issue, store says
  13. Donation provides 4 kids with autism their own service dogs
  14. Mom works to get service dog to help her son
  15. Woman Said She Was Refused Housing Because Of Therapy Dog's
  16. Fundraiser — Benefit will help Delanie Sand obtain service dog
  17. An Angel in the water: Service dog rescued from Lowell canal
  18. CAN/Home News Faustina Fury hockey team scores charitable goal.
  19. club reaches out to help boy
  20. CAN / Montreal mother upset son not allowed to ride bus with service dog
  21. Search and Rescue Dog missing in East County
  22. Service Dogs At Work And Conflicting Rights: Readers Provide
  23. Clowning around to make sick kids laugh is serious business for
  24. UK/Blind woman thrown out of Buxton Pound
  25. Family claims trained service dog was not trained at all
  26. New Borderland business helps the disabled by saving death row
  27. CAN / Decision could 'ruin' service dog industry:
  28. Warren County alligator handler pleads guilty to seven counts of animal abuse
  29. Service animal bias
  30. Free app helps visually impaired find their way
  31. Animals Improving Mental Wellness In The Red River Valley
  32. Fair Oaks Woman Raising Money To Bring Service Dog That
  33. Special Canines
  34. Dogged Determination: MIRA Chooses Kids to Receive These ...
  35. St. Joe Family Continues Effort to Get 'Riley For Billy'
  36. Dog sniffs out children's allergens
  37. Employee Allergic To Service Dog At Work: Rights In Conflict
  38. Service Animal Access Bill Passes House; Veteran Urges Senate To
  39. Detroit Metropolitan Airport Installs Indoor Service Dog Potties
  40. Creating sound policies for owners with disabilities
  41. AU / New survey reveals Guide Dogs under attack from off-lead pet dogs
  42. AU / Blind student's plea to ensure dogs on a leash
  43. Alarming Trend: Dishonest Use of 'Service Dogs'
  44. Puppy/ Service dog disappears from Mpls. home
  45. National Park Service Proposes Differentiation of Service Animals
  46. Disabled vet claims apartment complex is illegally evicting him and
  47. Not So Fast On Your “No Pets” Policy Re: Rental Units
  48. Suit: Onlookers laughed as McDonald's resisted serving disabled
  49. Scholarship fundraiser to feature award-winning magician
  50. Puppy love' as couple marry after guide dogs 'fell in love