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  1. Column: Service dogs have changed over the years
  2. 'It's crazy!' See service dog's tail-wagging reunion with former owner
  3. Shamokin woman charged with stealing, giving away service dog
  4. AU/ Extra care urged when close to guide dogs
  5. UK/ Woman and guide dog in terrifying ordeal
  6. Aurora Library program to focus on adventures of puppies in training
  7. Service dog could help boy's autism, local family says
  8. Why Apartments Ban Pets, Allow Service Animals
  9. A best friend to the impaired: Dogs bring more than sight
  10. Dogzilla Update! Aggressive Support Dog is Again Allowed to Board American Airli
  11. 'Super gran' will make a leap of faith for research funds
  12. 'Tiger' a man's best friend
  13. Visionary friend gives Norma her life back
  14. Service dog improves life for Birdsboro boy
  15. Prison inmates train guide dogs with Paws Forward program
  16. Some disabled DART customers complain they wait hours for
  17. The Gentle Guider harness redesign, by James Langdon
  18. EBAI makes endearing appeal for the blind, through story told
  19. Boy's family has negative experience at South Hills Village ..
  20. Johnnie St. Vrain: Dogs on golf courses? Longmont
  21. Blessed or a blessing?
  22. Davie woman with banished service dog gets $300000 condo settlement
  23. Knox woman says VA threatened to impound service dog
  24. May competing in Special Olympics with four-legged friend
  25. CAN / Mother being evicted because of babysitter's service animal
  26. Refusing dollar fare and his guide dog costs safari driver $1000 Virgin Islands
  27. News 5 Guardians: Service dog organization accused of selling
  28. Group trains rescue dogs to serve as soldier's best friend
  29. NCD reports on effective communication with PWD during emergencies
  30. Can Dogs Replace Drugs to Help Veterans Overcome PTSD?
  31. Painting at Nazareth Area High School promotes message of inclusion
  32. Student and her service dog have close relationship
  33. La Crescent family uses Autism tracking bracelet
  34. service dogs
  35. Two Poodle SDs. Two Court Differing Rulings on Access
  36. Dream service dog even monitors nightmares
  37. Experts say there's a scary new trend in the world of service do
  38. Grants available to vets for service dogs
  39. Veterans denied access to health clinic because of service dogs
  40. 'She's Helped Me Have My Manhood Back': Service Dog Changes
  41. There's help for older adults suffering mental illness
  42. Malaysia/ Seeing through the eyes of a guide dog
  43. malaysia/ Man's best friend not loved by everyone
  44. Assistance dog fight: 'It's been a rough ride'
  45. EEOC wins $53000 over service dog snub
  46. Service dog of paralyzed Milwaukee boy missing, possibly stolen
  47. DeLand rescue group offers free service dogs
  48. Honick: Physical Disability Discrimination Flies Under the Radar
  49. Denied Service Dog, Veteran Finds Life-Changing Companion at
  50. Child's missing service dog found safe