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  1. The Kionte Storey Journey: Tragedy Brings Opportunity
  2. This Service Dog Has a Mission Beyond Helping Just One Vet
  3. How a service dog helped this veteran keep his family
  4. Nettle the dog is twin girls' 'best friend ever'
  5. Man sharpening lawn blades saves Army Sergeant pinned under car
  6. I'm really upset by this report reporting Severely autistic child kept in a cage
  7. Ladybug Fund saves pets when money is tight
  8. UK/ Jarrow author spared jail for 40000 fraud
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  10. Yakima City Council Names Penalties For Pit Bull Ban Violators
  11. Alert-trained service dogs expensive for families, but life-saving
  12. China/ Driver鈥檚 refusal shows public ignorance about guide dogs
  13. UK/ Our guide dog Preston stopped me slipping into a coma following
  15. NZ/ Have you heard the one about the hearing dog
  16. Family hopes to raise funds to train their own service dog
  17. Disabled veteran receives new service dog
  18. Sweet music allows Green family to get dog to detect 9-year-old's
  19. Disabled vet searches for service dog
  20. Service dog monitors Churchill High School swimmer's blood-sugar
  21. The three dog amigos
  22. Diabetic Alert Dogs: Expensive Pet or Service Dog?
  23. UK / Children with autism benefit from having trained dogs, says report
  24. Service dogs don't understand that their owners are blind.
  25. Possible Fine for Pit Bull Service Violators
  26. The 2014 American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards
  27. Family raising money for service dog to help 3-year-old born with
  28. Could the VA Turn to...Dogs?
  29. Paralyzed Veteran Goes Home With New Service Dog
  30. South Colton seizure-dog trainer's $75m suit against state dismissed
  31. COLLEGE-BOUND LAB: Crestview man gets extra help on campus
  32. Family hopes a service dog will help their son
  33. Woman and service dog told to leave SWFL beauty supply store
  34. Jindal signs bill expanding disability rights for individuals, veterans
  35. From puppy to caretaker: Becoming a WAGS service dog
  36. NC mother says son's service dog not allowed at drive-thru wildlife
  37. Gov. Bobby Jindal signs bill to extend disability protections
  38. Did Ivana Trump up her service dog claim?
  39. Woman with service dog runs into resistance at local restaurant
  40. Service dogs and service humans
  41. China / Sorry, after guide dog not let on bus
  42. American Airlines Disability Travel Assistance Review Reduced Mobility Rights
  43. Gabriel the service dog fighting to get back home to his disabled
  44. Ashley Ball: Please show respect for service dogs and owners
  45. AU/ Quadriplegic Amanda Reynolds pleads for help to save her beloved
  46. Putting faith in man's best friend
  47. Litter nearly killed guide dog
  48. Fundraiser to buy service dog for diabetic toddler set for Sunday
  49. Researchers try to verify whether canines help patients with TBI, PTSD NavyTimes
  50. Family at odds with Caldwell over pool privileges