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  1. Marysville police look for missing service dog
  2. Kirksville man allegedly stabbed, killed pit bull dog
  3. Service dogs denied access to stores
  4. Boy with autism trying to get service dog
  5. MOVED: Dog seized by animal control over no-leash / at large tickets.
  6. Veterans say Miami VA harassed them over service animals
  7. Man kicked off bus over service dog
  8. Red flags surrounding website that offers prescription for emotional support ani
  9. Service dog brings calm to autistic Cape Cod boy
  10. Philippines: Person with disability and dog aide refused entry to mall
  11. Raising funds for a dog for Alex
  12. Regis University welcomes canine collegiate
  13. When is a service dog not a service dog?
  14. Admittance process continues for special needs student
  15. Comfort comes with a wagging tail
  16. Air travel: Crossing the line from pet to service animal
  17. CAN / Ontario/ Charity can choose dog's fate, judge rules
  18. Man with disability needs help finding his service dog last seen in
  19. Blind marksmen: Meet the gun enthusiasts who can accurately hit
  20. A couple kicked out of a restaurant
  21. Man Dies When Struck By Vehicle in Surry
  22. Service Animals in the Workplace - Don't Make Decisions in the Blind
  23. HUD charges KSU with housing discrimination over denial of a
  24. Family Searches for Lost Service Dog
  25. Shenandoah boy in need of service dog due to medical reasons
  26. Turkey/ Blind woman not allowed to enter shops with guide dog in Aydın
  27. NZ/ Man's best friend changes tough lives
  28. Hernando woman offended after restaurant service dog dispute
  29. Adopt a Pet - How Service Pets Can Save Lives
  30. UK/ Council threatens Aberdeen shop owners with £120 fines for using .
  31. Haverford Twp. Free Library settles service dog puppy dispute with
  32. Family Says Service Dog was Not Trained
  33. These 21 Service Dogs Help Their Owners Live, Work, Play
  34. When a rescue goes wrong
  35. Oregon Views: Drawing the line on service animals
  36. Christina Hendricks’ mad, mad world
  37. Medway dog recovering from wound after being shot by police officer
  38. Service dog returned to woman with RSD
  39. Grant County among most jails statewide not allowing service dogs
  40. Service dog helping Boston Marathon bombings survivor finds her .
  41. Service dogs can benefit people struggling with a variety of disabilities
  42. Blind Man And Guide Dog Attacked In Hartford
  43. Researchers explore using service dogs for autism
  44. Towns Police/Fire: Police received an animal complaint
  45. AU/ Assistance dog for child with autism barred from Taronga Zoo due to
  46. UK/ Guide dog mauled by bull terrier in savage Wolverhampton attack
  47. UK/ Blind woman forced onto road after finding Lord Mayor of Coventry's
  48. Malaysia/ Feedback will help define clearer guidelines on use of guide dogs
  49. CAN / Toronto, people with disabilities deserve better
  50. AU/ A sight for sore eyes