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  1. Veteran's service dog mistakenly denied entry to basketball game
  2. Blind man says cab driver wouldn't give service dog ride
  3. Searcy Family Says Service Dog Keeps People from Renting to Them
  4. CAN/ Tiny dog killed by pit bull on Vancouver street corner had key role to ...
  5. Anaheim, Arena Firm to Pay $480K in ADA Settlement
  6. UK/ Basford family launch 5k appeal to buy alert dog to warn them when toddler
  7. Service Dogs Support Narcolepsy Patients, Literally and Figuratively
  8. Veteran finds home after legal battle over service dog
  9. Transit authority apologizes after not letting 'service dog' on bus
  10. Families sue Yuba County nonprofit for allegedly providing
  11. Seven-year-old boy dies after being attacked
  12. Dog trained in prison offers solace for girl with disabilities
  13. Stressed? This Dog May Help
  14. East Grand Forks apartment gives Iraq vet eviction notice for service dog
  15. Service Dog for Military Homeless Veteran Quarantined
  16. Chili Mom Fights For Better Accommodations For Daughter's Service
  17. Detective Helps Handicapped Girl When Her Service Dog is Hit by a Car
  18. 'Service dog' owner charged with Minneapolis bar shooting
  19. Dog killed other dog on public transit(no criminal behaviour say's police...)
  20. Service dog or not? Federal law makes it difficult to distinguish
  21. A U.S. Army veteran says his service dog was turned away
  22. Santa Rosa assistance dog trainers aim to put veterans at ease
  23. Service dog shot after escape
  24. Pitbull attacks service dog on lower South Hill
  25. Bellone, Officials, Human Rights Advocates Join For Bill Signing of
  26. Pit bull kills Pomeranian on Portland Streetcar
  27. Hold on to your leashes: LA County cracking down on dogs on the
  28. Restaurant Kicks Out Blind Man And Service Dog, Gets Schooled
  29. DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION Court rules interactive process
  30. Proliferation of Service Dogs Leads to Conflict
  31. Dogs Can be Pessimistic Too Study Suggests
  32. Woman pleads not guilty to stealing service dog
  33. Lincoln woman fights city fine against her service dogs
  34. Uber Accused Of Disability Discrimination
  35. CAN/ Manitoba expert warns: service dogs are not pets, they are working
  36. CAN/ Veteran with guide dog alleges discrimination against restaurant staff
  37. Service animals allowed at UNH
  38. Anaheim reaches settlement in Honda Center disability-access cases
  39. DOJ investigates service dog complaint
  40. Norridgewock woman faces eviction over service dog's visit
  41. Marysville police look for missing service dog
  42. Kirksville man allegedly stabbed, killed pit bull dog
  43. Service dogs denied access to stores
  44. Boy with autism trying to get service dog
  45. MOVED: Dog seized by animal control over no-leash / at large tickets.
  46. Veterans say Miami VA harassed them over service animals
  47. Man kicked off bus over service dog
  48. Red flags surrounding website that offers prescription for emotional support ani
  49. Service dog brings calm to autistic Cape Cod boy
  50. Philippines: Person with disability and dog aide refused entry to mall