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  1. Treats teach first-graders
  2. Subway Terror
  3. Guide dog gives Russell his independence
  4. A new leash on life
  5. Mo. Woman Says Monkey a 'Service Animal'
  6. Celebration role for guide dog pioneer
  7. Guide dog attacked in city street
  8. Federal court ruling applies ADA to retailerís Web site
  9. Captioning available at Bangor cinemas
  10. Disabled face obstacles, even with access law
  11. ADA Violations Create Lawsuit Environment
  12. Village relaxes law for service dogs
  13. Guide dog helps one man make his treks
  14. Dog Disease Breaks Out; Humans May Be Susceptible
  15. Dog set on disabled man
  16. Service dog's ouster violates civil rights
  17. Service Or Emotional Support? A Line Worth Observing
  18. Family with service dogs ticketed
  19. Ventilator Service Dogs
  20. They're no teacher's pets
  21. Shock attempt made to steal guide dog
  22. Dog to give Ravenna boy helping paw
  23. "Reasonable accomodation" language used in non-disability article
  24. A two-tiered airport taxi system could lead to 'Chapter Two'
  25. Dud dog does right for disabled woman
  26. Raising the right dog for a job
  27. Westwood Elementary Second Graders Raise
  28. Lions aid NEADS program
  29. Teen Helps Train Guide Dogs
  30. Congo African Gray parrot as service animal
  31. SD thrown out for licking floor
  32. Man whose pit bulls attacked guide dog arrested
  33. H.R. 3858 signed by 'the prez'
  34. Working for a dog
  35. Muslim Cabby Refuses 'unpure' Guide Dog
  36. Airlines, disabled passengers weigh proposed access rules
  37. HeatherAnn needs a dog
  38. Guide Dogs celebrate anniversary
  39. Best friend leading Shona to much better life
  40. Service Dog Denied From Wal-Mart
  41. Service dog helps teenager gain independence
  42. Monkey case Title II ADA case filed
  43. Doggie door for service pet
  44. Groundbreaking for Guide Dog Training
  45. Service Dog Saves Owner's Life
  46. Trusting Faith
  47. Disability Preparedness Solution in Florida
  48. Special Group of K-9's Graduate
  49. Blind graduates take the wheel for jobs
  50. Op saves sight of guide dog Fraser