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  1. Phenix city family looking for missing service dog
  2. Vietnam vet searching for missing service dog
  3. Missing service dog has joyous return in Meridian Township
  4. Autism should not be a barrier to flying LAX official says
  5. Bill in Legislature would outlaw pit bull bans
  6. Rewards offered for missing service dog
  7. Therapy dog in kill shelter, MO city refuses to return him to crying
  8. Dog Scam Targets Omahan
  9. EU / Airline refuses to board guide dog
  10. chool District Denies Child to Use Service Dog in School
  11. Veteran charged with 3 crimes after fight over service dog
  12. Obama administration takes sides in disability suit against Uber
  13. Service dog dies 10 days after teen receives him
  14. Woman fighting to get her dog out of Springfield Animal Shelter
  15. Dogs help blind owners stay safe, guide
  16. UK/ Taxi driver fined after refusing to pick up blind woman because she
  17. Visually-impaired senior assaulted
  18. UK / Blind shopper's guide dog barred from kosher baker
  19. American says we could learn much if relations are normalized with
  20. A Service Dog For Sutton
  21. School takes steps to allow guide dog
  22. Assemblyman Morelle writes letter on service dog for student
  23. Ahern: Airline sorry it yelled at veteran's service dog
  24. Sherrard School District Denies Wrongdoing In Lawsuit Over .
  25. MDA-Endorsed ABLE Act Passes
  26. Syracuse woman reunited with missing service dog, activist for the
  27. Florida Lawmakers Want To Punish People Who Use Fake Service
  28. How Seizure Alert Dogs Become Unstoppable Service Animals
  29. Local boy with diabetes to receive service dog
  30. Disabled veteran's dog stolen from gas station
  31. At Large in Ballard: Walk Away
  32. Keep little Cuddlypoo's behind off my grocery cart
  33. AU/ Guests with guide dogs illegally refused entry into NSW restaurants .
  34. Trenton business to pay blind patron over guide dog dispute
  35. Barberton woman believes service dog was stolen from her home
  36. Here's Proof Pigs Actually Do Fly (Almost)
  37. Dealerships grapple with regulations allowing service dogs
  38. End may come to Bucks man's string of suits
  39. What landlords should know about service animals
  40. Stolen medical service dog found; arrest made
  41. Blind Vet's Guide Dog Banned From VA Hospital
  42. Dog Raids Fridge
  43. Service dog sought for firefighters' daughter fighting rare disease
  44. Service Dog Advocate Files Suit Against Starbucks in Chicago
  45. Disabled woman needs money to get dog re-trained
  46. Disabled man settles with Mpls. McDonald's over how he, service
  47. Study: Service dogs ease PTSD symptoms for vets
  48. Phoenix wounded veteran booted off flight because of service dog
  49. UK / Assistance dog will 'change autistic son's life' - parents
  50. Disabled woman searches for service dog: