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  1. Bradenton firefighter hospitalized with dog bite
  2. Judge slams jailing of low-IQ man
  3. ‘I did it’
  4. Canceled fundraiser adds to pain of pet loss for disabled vet
  5. Coyote wanders into mattress store
  6. Guide dog frightened by another German shepherd
  7. Barred because of his guide dog
  8. Older, blind student shows way
  9. Man jailed along with service dog
  10. Our Opinion: Use common sense around guide dog
  11. Kent man and service dogs booted but then reinstated at gym
  12. Family needs help finding a missing service dog
  13. Pet food recall
  14. Cab driver test 'deficient'
  15. Blind faith
  16. Service dog a Tualatin child’s best hope
  17. Who's Who: Rachel Magario
  18. Attacks a common threat to guide dogs
  19. Tainted pet food may have claimed service dog's life
  20. Taxi tries to charge extra for service dog
  21. Audit uncovers discrimination against disabled in Newton housing
  22. Prozac Approved for Separation Anxiety
  23. Postal Service, Humane Society unite on dog bites
  24. St. Bernard comes to rescue of diabetic owner
  25. Woman Accused Of Drowning Hundreds Of Animals
  26. City seeks to sterilize stray pets
  27. Judge: Dog Simba Must Stay Out of School
  28. Wisconsin woman seeks missing aid dog in Twin Cities
  29. New leader dog Harper comes fully loaded, but ...
  30. COWARDLY thug set his dog on a blind woman's guide dog,/ Australia
  31. Family with two children with Dravet Syndrome work for service dog
  32. Maine/ An Act To Revise the Definition of Service Dog
  33. Service dog for deaf school access issue
  34. Pub orders out guide dog Fizz
  35. ESA housing case - End of tale: Condo lets 40-pound dog lie
  36. Quiet hybrids threaten the safety of blind pedestrians
  37. Parents lose everything, but they're grateful to have service canine.
  38. Northstar service dogsDN2: Service Animals Part II podcast
  39. Service dog stolen, later died
  40. Woman balks at license fee for service dog
  41. Assistance dogs are more than pets
  42. Judge: Make Bills Recognizable to Blind
  43. Dogs of happiness
  44. Bar, managers remain in lawsuit
  45. Couple win guide dog fight
  46. Justice Department Files Fair Housing Lawsuit Against Lancaster, Pa., Apartment
  47. Family with two children with Dravet Syndrome work for service dog
  48. in the eyes of the beholder
  50. Conference for the Blind Runs into Transportation Problems