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  1. Saved by my guide dog
  2. Woman relies on focused dog
  3. Meet my walking ears!
  4. Canine canvases
  5. Court: Vick to answer to dogfighting charges July 26
  6. Disabled woman denied service at McDonald's
  7. New guide dog for Cait
  8. This dog does the hearing
  9. Deaf customer files discrimination complaint against local gas station
  10. Blind man reunited with missing Seeing Eye dog
  11. Attack leaves guide dog scarred and fearful
  12. `Dog doody' duty now required in Sunnyvale
  13. Guide dog up for top award
  14. Guide dog leads chapel's singing
  15. Attack victim demands tougher dog regulations
  16. Service dog's death caused by suspected drunk driver
  17. IRH director ably assisted by service dog
  18. Cabbie banned for guide dog bar
  19. Infamous heiress sues to get her service dog returned
  20. Shelter won't let family adopt cat
  21. Acetaminophen Poisoning - Pain Med in Food
  22. MOVED: Know Your Friendly Neighborhood Assistance Dogs
  23. Judge ordered to reconsider owner's original conviction
  24. Helping manís best friend aid hearing impaired
  25. Nancy Whelan: Dogs seem to be seen just about everywhere
  26. Burr Ridge center to receive race donations
  27. Audible Exit Technology Sets The Tone For Life Safety
  28. City comes to womanís rescue
  29. Nipped on nipple, man sues
  30. Dogs Denied
  31. Rottweiller eye dog
  32. Appeal as guide dog goes missing
  33. Service dog makes a big difference in autistic boy's life
  34. Jacob's best friend Family seeks service dog for son with autism
  35. Will Adele be top dog?
  36. Blind Dedication
  37. Teen to gain service dog
  38. Lakehead University mints largest ever graduation class
  39. Blunkett's Hope For Israel Visit
  40. A Veteran's Best Friend
  41. Bittersweet chapter in hard journey
  42. Wirral guide dog in for top award!
  43. US Disabled Team gets 4-legged Teammate
  44. Cabbies to cop fine if refuse guide dogs
  45. K-9 care
  46. College Bans Man With Service Bird
  47. Calls for more 'seizure alert' dogs
  48. Did a local restaurant threaten a guide dog?
  49. Cabs refusing blind passengers
  50. Bradenton firefighter hospitalized with dog bite