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  1. Rottweiler shows up at council meeting
  2. Service animals aren?t pets, but tools for the disabled
  3. Pit bulls: Deadly dogs or lovable pets?
  4. Two articles about the closing of the Eye Dog Foundation for the Blind
  5. Dog turns out to be the answer for boy with autism
  6. Autistic boy kept safe
  7. Service Dog for a 4 year old Autistic boy
  8. Guide dogs transform autism care
  9. Stubborn as a mule in her campaign for a mini horse
  10. "The Cavalier - GF's Newest Assistance Dog"
  11. Iowa City Woman Loses Service Dog
  12. Man gives dog kiss of life
  13. Attorneys defend suits on ADA compliance
  14. Wounded Veteran Fights To Keep Service Dog
  15. Round-up of followups on fatal dog attack in Minneapolis
  16. ACC's suspension of student with Asperger Syndrome upheld
  17. Woman, service dog kicked out of Louisiana Boardwalk
  18. No jail time for Federal Way woman who registered dog to vote
  19. Vicious new hate crime
  20. Travel industry failing those with disability
  21. US eliminates canine rabies -- officials
  22. Ruling in ADA Case Is Victory for Small Firms
  23. Group seeks to redefine act
  24. Companies, Courts Debate Whether ADA Applies to Web Sites
  25. Dog helps injured soldier's rehabilitation
  26. Blind couple advised school can't bar use of guide dogs
  27. 'Rescued right back'
  28. How an old dog taught me new tricks to care for myself
  29. Metal fragments prompt dog rolls recall
  30. Seaforth man, Joe Boyd, is first in town to use a guide dog for the blind
  31. Service Dogs: Canine Helpers Preserve Independence
  32. Brad gets help from a boy's best friend
  33. Loopholes in service-dog law easily exploited by pet owners
  34. Muslim cab driver receives threatening phone message
  35. Spitzer Signs Disability Rights Law
  36. Blairsville council targets pet waste
  37. Villager who was stricken with polio at 3 enjoys going where her heart leads her
  38. Woman Pays It 4ward To Help Service Dog
  39. Krasdale Gravy dry dog food recalled -- salmonella contamination
  40. Mauling Victim Describes Attack
  41. Autism dogs denied access to schools
  42. The truth about cabs and dogs
  43. Poor Miden
  44. Seeing Eye Dog Can't Fly On United
  45. Video: American Veterinary Medical Association Launches 'Risky Business' PSA Cam
  46. UK / Restaurants Encouraged To Welcome Guide Dog Owners
  47. In the doghouse
  48. TRIGGER.. In death, service dog treated as roadkill
  49. Portsmouth stroke victim needs dog
  50. Sisters helping sisters