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  1. Portsmouth stroke victim needs dog
  2. Sisters helping sisters
  3. South Bay Man Searches For Service Dog Missing Since Crash
  4. A quest for personal security
  5. UK / Sherie books her place in the annals of employment law
  6. Public rush to guide dog's aid
  7. Blind couple lose use of guide dogs
  8. One Boy's Best Friend
  9. Compromise on guide dogs in cabs is a two-way street
  10. Special-needs beach access spots a 'treat' for those who need them
  11. Two articles about fatal dog attack in Minneapolis, MN
  12. Dog helps guide schoolteacher with poor hearing
  13. Pet Owners Say "Yes" to Exempt Dogs and Cats from Rabies
  14. A dogs life
  15. Pet tales: Reader donations help service dog's recovery
  16. Quadriplegic blazed a courageous trail
  17. Taxi firm settles with blind man refused ride because of guide dog
  18. Musician tunes in to good vibrations
  19. Taxi firm pays blind man after refusing ride
  20. New initiative to tackle bogus cabs
  21. Mom in need in middle of condo tiff
  22. Court says state can investigate East Meadow schools for barring service dog
  23. Taxis refuse airport to Manukau fare
  24. Court?s taxi ruling blow for the blind
  25. 'It is not a disease, it is a way of life'
  26. Double-nosed dog not to be sniffed at
  27. North County guide dog users say there's a problem with cabs
  28. Most service animals can be approved
  29. In a foreign land - life with aphasia
  30. FDA Warning Letter To Company That Makes American Bullie Dog Chew Products
  31. Discrimination against Psychiatric Service Dogs in new ADA legislation
  32. The dog can stay. You, on the other hand, have to get off now.
  33. Fur flying over mandatory spaying and neutering
  34. Dog back with owner
  35. Taxi firm wins back licence
  36. Justice Department Reaches Settlement With YMCA Child Care Centers Over Policies
  37. Allan Appel: Service or balance dogs extend disabled person's five senses
  38. Family Wants Service Dog In School
  40. Frederick Woman Raises Puppies to be Guide Dogs
  41. Cambridge Woman Alleges Abuse by Cambridge Police in Cambridge Police Station Be
  42. Tips for Travelers With Disabilities
  44. Prison Inmates Going to the Dogs
  45. Grant the black Lab gives kids a lesson in doing a good job
  46. Boomers fighting at the Ritz
  47. Dog's visit to court gives officials pause
  48. Congress Aims to Restore Anti-Discrimination Act
  49. Disabled advocacy group sued for discriminating against disabled man
  50. I35W bridge collapse - person in wheelchair survives!