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  1. Studies show dogs have sense of fairness
  2. Breed Bans May Affect Your Dog: It's Not Just About Pitbulls and Rottweilers
  3. On D.C.'s Streets, Blind Injustice
  4. Is it time to ban dogs as household pets? UK medical journal article
  5. E-mails critical of proposal in Rantoul to ban some dogs
  6. Watch dogs for boys - Australia
  7. Dogs and Autism
  8. Service dog earns honorary law degree
  9. Users of Assistance Dogs Leave a Trail of Lawsuits
  10. Blind woman threatened over 1 cent bill
  11. Time to muzzle the dogs says one Trimet Board Member
  12. Homelessness a hidden problem
  13. Irresponsible pet owners and public transportation--a deadly mix?
  14. Family Finds, Returns Service Dog To Autistic Boy
  15. Fed complaint filed over dog for NYC autistic boy
  16. Revolutionizing Dog Guide Training With Technology
  17. Demonstration of Autism Assist dog by Dogs for Deaf
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  19. Local Family Endures Special Needs Struggle
  20. More than a friend
  21. Assistance dog to live with Enid woman
  22. Blind woman with guide dog refused taxi ride (Australia)
  23. Taxi driver fined over guide dog ban (UK)
  24. Schwarzenegger names nanny to guide dog board
  25. Vet's dog turned away at VA Medical Center
  26. Custody battle erupts over seeing eye dogs (sic) in Phoenix
  27. Seeing Eye Cat
  28. Take the menagerie off the bus
  29. Service animal regulation is desperately needed
  30. Owner of dog killed on Portland bus calls penalty 'ludicrous'
  31. Research seeks to replace service dogs with robots
  32. CALL FOR ACTION: Parents accuse district of forcing students out
  33. Tug of love blows hot on Zephyr
  34. Service dog turned away from local hotel
  35. Emotional-support dogs, etc.
  36. Letter: Be considerate of service dog, handler
  37. Pit bull ordinance could be amended
  38. Wounded warrior gets a service dog
  39. Service dogs get a place at the table
  40. Port Neches Doc Fined Over Dog Disagreement
  41. Do you know what you should know about the white cane?
  42. Call for ban on primates as pets (U.K.)
  43. A couple of UK taxi discrimination stories
  44. Plans for new guide dog training school (UK)
  45. Jeni Stepanek watches as statue of son Mattie is unveiled in Rockville
  46. Weeklies Reader: Libby's Ugly gets busted for ‘appearance' of pit bull
  47. Her job is seeing for others
  48. Stagecoach service dog Tristan retires in style with park party
  49. Guide dog owner accused of beating shopkeeper
  50. An Inspiring Dream For the Blind