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  1. Service dog request in Porterville prompts legal review
  2. "No Dog, No Dog" in Here
  3. Peanut-sniffing dog is allergic girl's best friend
  4. Comfort animals trigger anxiety
  5. Tell prospective employers of special needs
  6. Service dogs provide 'amazing' difference
  7. ARC Bans Pit Bull, Owner Calls It Service Dog
  8. Vets and puppies to help war wounded
  9. A golden companion
  10. Wonder dog Ebony has helped cure my epilepsy
  11. Willa the Astonishingly Wonderful Service Dog
  12. Service dogs have their day in prime minister's office
  13. By spring, they will be stepping out again
  14. New member of the family
  15. Dog saves life of blind Leeds pensioner with no sense of smell
  16. Reporter follows in footsteps of blind (part 3)
  17. Blind Trust: Some students go home with dogs; others must try again (part 2)
  18. Transit Driver resists alllowing service dog on bus
  19. Meet and greet
  20. Shoplifting dog apprehended
  21. Robotic "Service Dogs"
  22. Addressing a child’s special needs can be difficult overseas
  23. Disabled man's crusade, business owners' bane
  24. Woman honors guide dog's memory with fragrant garden
  25. Guide dogs remain a novelty in Shanghai
  26. Passing of Service Dogs Act applauded (Alberta, CAN)
  27. Team graduated in December
  28. Seeing eye to eye: Families are a big part of organization's efforts to train gu
  29. Busker's guiding light
  30. Proposed ADA Regulations Withdrawn from OMB Review
  31. Faithful canine has class .... at Chatham High
  32. Service Dog "Willow" Braces, Packs, Pushes and Pulls
  34. Cabbies banned my guide dog
  35. Government may narrow definition of service animal
  36. Appleton man Jack Nigl helps devise new tool that aids wheelchair users
  37. Star gets used to life on the train
  38. President Obama's Agenda on Disabilities
  39. Guide dog opens world for visually-impaired man
  40. Visually impaired on right path with GPS
  41. Great danger awaits all pedestrians in Asheville
  42. Do you see ... the monkey on my back?
  43. Alberta, CA: City man getting ruff end of deal?
  44. Adrian woman helped by hearing service dog
  45. Australia: Blind man's compo 'pathetic'
  46. Tehachapi goes to court: Death of guide dog, owner’s injuries lead to claim aga
  47. Labrador Retriever Club & Poodle Club of America Weigh in on 'Labradoodle' Debat
  48. Wanted: sensitive sniffers
  49. The right of access for people with disabilities
  50. Sidewalk sale: Pedestrian-unfriendly can become a costly legal problem.