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  1. What a difference a dog makes
  2. Psychic locates wind-blown flying chihuahua
  3. 91 Protestors Arrested
  4. "Can You Sit Somewhere Else? This Flight Attendant Doesn't Like Dogs"
  5. Service dog helping a local teen...
  6. Paws-ability: Dogs' assistance immeasurable
  7. New GPS for guide dog users
  8. Guide Dog Barred From Cafe
  9. Will the real assistance animal please stand up
  11. Service dog helps Apollo owner sleep easier
  12. Blind woman and guide dog refused entry to local store
  13. Tiny horse trains as guide for blind Muslim woman
  14. El Dorado police arrest teenager whose pit bull allegedly attacked blind woman's
  15. New HUD Rules Make It Easier to Have Emotional Support Animals
  16. Veteran's service dog murdered
  17. Missing Palm Beach service dog in training prompts search; reward offered
  18. Airport Service Animal Relief Areas
  19. An eye for the blind with a heart of gold
  20. Stephanie strikes lucky with Vegas
  21. Mexican Hairless Dog Breed Helps Relieve Chronic Pain
  22. Autistic Boy Denied Service Dog at School
  23. Assistance dog a godsend for local Grade 1 student
  24. Guide dog saves Wootton Bassett blind woman from a mugger
  25. Man with service dog arrested after refusing to leave courthouse
  26. Service dog not allowed
  27. Does a 'seeing-eye horse' go too far?
  28. NY Family Fights to Bring Service Dog to School
  29. Seeing Eye dog blends in well in high school setting
  30. Disabled Woman Looking for Missing Service Dog; Fears it was Stolen
  31. Kinsey (K-9 HEROES)
  32. Woman sues Cowlitz County for barring dog in court
  33. His First Service Dog Skill
  34. New wave of service dogs helps people live healthier lives
  35. Marshall University cracks down on pets on Campus
  36. Aspiring guide dogs train to take the train
  37. 3-Legged Dog Keeps Up Care For Disabled Teen
  38. Patriot Paws
  39. Former Rescue Dog Takes Assistance Dog Award
  40. Tiny service dog puts West Bend East student in mainstream
  41. Hearing to decide if boy with diabetes can take service dog to Yonkers school
  42. Pet Connection Blog post on Fakers!
  43. MOVED: Service Dogs Allowed in LDS Church buildings
  44. Dog owners fear Obama effect on breed
  45. Female prisoners train service dogs
  46. NBC Nightly News
  47. Freedom Dogs Help Marines Combat PTSD
  48. Clean dogs only please
  49. Man, service dog turned away at fairgrounds
  50. Woman Issued $50 Citation While Walking Service Dog