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  1. Service dog missing after Mid-City burglary
  2. PTSD service dog alerts family to Wednesday morning fire
  3. Girl's best friend can save her life… just by smelling her breath
  4. CAN/ Another Toronto business tells customer with guide dog
  5. Judge rules disabled veteran can keep his support dog
  6. Stockton pit bull owner: 'They are not vicious'
  7. Man's 'World Destroyed' After San Diego Cop Kills Burberry The Service Dog
  8. Child may have to leave school ater dog is banned aned
  9. Veteran’s best friend: Service dogs vie for acceptance
  10. Veteran: Dispute over service dog led to arrest
  11. 3 Legged Service Dogs
  12. VA says no to PTSD service dogs
  13. New rules to ensure access for guide dogs
  14. Motorist hits service dog, keeps driving
  15. A service dog is not a pet
  16. Sun City resident beat up on community golf course
  17. Dog bites off nose of murderer Vince Doan
  18. Woman claims cruise line denied her service dog to board
  19. UK / Blind Dundee man left 'angry and upset' over stranger's threat over
  20. Service Dog Helps a Local Fourth Grader Manage Rare Disease
  21. Missing dogs reportedly being held for ransom
  22. $3600 vet bill a blow to parents of autistic girl
  23. Buyer beware for autism service dogs
  24. Muslims Object to Dogs
  25. Towns prohibit disabled soldier's pit bull
  26. Trinidad Tobago / Govt making it easy for guide dogs
  27. PUBLIC RELEASE: 2-MAR-2015 Infection control experts outline guidance for animal
  28. Asked & Answered: Does Walmart allow dogs in their stores now?
  29. College Bound Student Hopes to Get Allergy Dog
  30. Thieves steal service dog from sailor's car
  31. Restaurant Denies Service to Woman With Service Dog
  32. Together again: Palm Bay family reunited with service dog after 4 days
  33. Woman turns to Truth Squad after 'humiliating' service dog incident
  34. 'Humiliated': Bus rider with disability denied rides over service dog
  35. MOVED: Judge Orders School to Pay for SD Stewarding in School
  36. Calgary Taxi Driver Fired For Refusing Ride To Service Dog
  37. Service animals, yes; emtional support animals, no
  38. Gofundme account set up for injured local service dog
  39. NZ/ Round the Bays race welcomes diabetic response dog
  40. Golden Retriever, guide dog for blind, deaf man, may go blind too
  41. Maine human rights panel rejects service animal claim
  42. UK/ Norris Green guide dog attack: Owner of Staffie which allegedly
  43. Reward for missing guide dog from Rogers grows to $1000
  44. AU/ Woman and guide dog fall onto Melbourne train tracks
  45. AU / Ignoring escalator warnings causes injuries, could lead to deaths
  46. Woman denied service at restaurant because of service dog
  47. Veteran, 95, found dead in Md.; police investigating
  48. Service dogs assist students,
  49. Service dog dispute at Old Sacramento restauraunt leads to outrage
  50. In fight over boy's service dog, Broward school board is brought to heel