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  1. Guide dog savaged by vicious terrier
  2. Schools keep guide dogs on short leash
  3. Cocoa: don't leave home without him
  4. Manitoba Canada/Legislation introduces fines for touching service dogs
  5. Donations from the community helped get service dog
  6. Service dog helps Missouri priest continue parish work
  7. Haverford grad makes history
  8. Addict jailed for robbing blind man
  9. Ashford's shared space demo brings swift defence
  10. Dogs OK at beach, not at stores
  11. David Blunkett charged by herd of cows
  12. Missing Big Bear woman, 63, is target of search
  13. Florida-Melbourne couple trains new type of service animal
  14. HOMELESS NO MORE: Two angels heard call of Coe and Champ
  15. Canine training 101
  16. Dogs helping people with disabilities
  17. Not blind to unfairness
  18. Seven On Your Side
  19. Life with a helper monkey
  20. Emergency responders learn how to meet needs
  21. GROWING up with albinism
  22. Moseley 'naked streets' scheme is dangerous, says blind charity
  23. Arlington Man's Service Dog Missing
  24. Woman with multiple sclerosis in search of service dog
  25. Blind Dave Heeley backs Midlands carers
  26. Service dog gives physical and emotional security
  27. Tiny service dog is star of sports camp
  28. subject of license harassment
  29. USA, Canada and the EU attempt to kill treaty to protect blind people's access t
  30. Service dog euthanized at shelter
  31. 2 years old?!?!
  32. Bridal store turns away woman with MS
  33. At their service
  34. FAQ clarifies new Air Carrier Access Act Rules
  35. Therapy dog helps disabled children learn to walk
  36. Autistic child, family getting to know new service dog
  37. Dogs heel autism
  38. Deaf man, service dog refused entry at North Fort Myers AA
  39. You can have a mental illness and a life
  40. Most special ed students in Oregon don't go on to college, survey finds
  41. Lesson of a lifetime
  42. FDA declears public health emergancy with swine flu
  43. 2-Year-Old Receives Service Dog
  44. A little note that went a long way.
  45. Family rallies community support in quest for service dog
  46. Another extremely young SD recipient...
  47. Young dog whisperer from Alpine receives national award
  48. Called to heal - UK article
  49. Program rescues dogs, helps disabled
  50. Battle over $500K bequest to for hearing dog program continues