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  1. Blind woman faces charge to take guide dog on coach
  2. Service dogs provide physical, mental and financial benefits (Frankin mentioned)
  3. WWII Vet Doggedly Works to Get Canine Service Dogs for Wounded Warriors
  4. Blinded by Nazis, guided by a dog
  5. Cbino: Dog lovers hot under collar in Boca Raton condo clash (ESAs in housing)
  6. Wheelchair user uses wheelchair in self-defense
  7. Guide dog, owner asked to leave Ogden store
  8. tough crowd to please
  9. MN: What are the limits of no-pet policies?
  10. Helper needs a little help Service dog trainer finds herself in state aid limbo
  11. Big day as prison puppies graduate
  12. Not A SD Article - Police and Autism
  13. Behind the News - Guide Dogs
  14. suspect brought his pit bull claiming it was a service dog
  15. Maryville College senior researches Wilderwood Service Dogs, autistic children
  16. The Chaser program under fire
  17. Shwartz is back
  18. Travel 101: Airlines and disabilities
  19. Guide dog users denied service at some county businesses
  20. Just be happy your morning commute is not this perilous
  21. Special Assignment: Canine Companion Helps Woman with MS
  22. Lind Town Council addresses animal ordinance enforcement, compliance
  23. Paws in the pews: Ministry dogs
  24. Best friend brings beer
  25. Really good article
  26. Louisiana Tells Congress: Stop Healthcare Discrimination
  27. Interesting article about Asperger's (not SD related)
  28. Americans With Disabilities Applaud President Obama's Intention to Sign...
  29. As I See It: Injured Wing
  30. When should a job applicant disclose a disability?
  31. K.C. learns new tricks
  32. Shoddy treatment for disabled homeless with service dogs
  33. Farewell, faithful friend
  34. Judge orders Villa Grove to allow student's service dog
  35. Dog Leads Blind Man From Burning Home
  36. Disabled golf pro alleges discrimination by two south county businesses
  37. Blind association competes for in-demand guide dog trainers
  38. Dancing with the Stars faces lawsuit after a service dog is threatened
  39. Heritage Specialty Dogs on rip off reports
  40. Queensland: New Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dogs Act 2009 starts today
  41. Baby Bitten By Pet Dog Inside Home Depot
  42. 'Sit! Stay! Snuggle!': An Iraq Vet Finds His Dog Tuesday
  43. Family uses urine to lure back lost dog
  44. New Zealand: Blind bus passenger assaulted
  45. Annie's orphan: Bid to train Marge as guide dog
  46. Virtual pup aids Texas guide dogs
  47. Service dog for hearing impaired rescues terrier from trash bin
  48. Online video: An assistance dog helps a high school student integrate with her
  49. Dogs Sniffing Out Health Problems
  50. Wounded Soldier Needs Help to Get Dog