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  1. Online video: An assistance dog helps a high school student integrate with her
  2. Dogs Sniffing Out Health Problems
  3. Wounded Soldier Needs Help to Get Dog
  5. Apology to blind man refused service in pub
  6. Mayor inspects facilities for disabled on MRT Neihu Line
  7. Robo Dog To The Rescue
  8. Franken talks about On the first bill he hopes to introduce:
  9. Blind woman robbed by thug
  10. Cheers for the ears, Fido
  11. Blind woman's crossing danger
  12. UK /Witness plea after puppy run over and killed
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  14. Actual Answers on a California Drivers Test
  15. Can an employer reject an applicant solely because he uses a service animal?
  16. Today is 'Take Your Dog to Work Day'!
  17. Missing Service Dog Found Dead
  18. Rat poison could have killed my dog’
  19. A best friend to guide through silence and darkness
  20. Disabled Veterans are getting SD's!!
  21. Australian Disability Discrimination Act Ammendments pass through parliament
  22. Battle for dignity
  23. Injured soldier turns to man's best friend for help
  24. MFA Oil - Bing's C-Store Crippled Lady Thrown Out Of The Store For Using Service
  25. Missing Chihuahua service dog found
  26. Fiona, the Vicious Mastiff Featured In SF Weekly Cover Story, Seized By Animal C
  27. KISD finally permits service dog to accompany student
  28. Rising Storm
  29. Insurers fail to cover the cost of service dogs
  30. Doctor finishes psychiatric residency despite disability
  31. Animal Tales - Grants help wounded soliders get service dogs
  32. Ross's DogBlog - Travel Dog, Part Two
  33. SF Weekly Takes on the Whole "Service Animal" Mess
  34. Service with a Snarl
  35. Dissing service dogs
  36. Service dog alerts owner to fire
  37. Blind man beaten up in unprovoked Shoreham attack
  38. Fitzgerald: On Dogs and Statues In Islam
  39. Mini dachshunds just aren't built for pulling carts
  40. Hawaii legislators poised to pass law to protect animals in domestic violence ..
  41. Grant used to keep master, dog together
  42. Developing a successful dog training strategy
  43. Making dog training an essential part
  44. When new trainers first get started, they tend to make a lot of mistakes
  45. Owner's House Catches Fire
  46. Guide Dog owners to protest at City Hall
  47. Madison man tussles with police over service dog
  48. AU/ A BLIND rights crusader has lost his battle against a taxi driver
  49. Six things you cannot say in Seattle
  50. Canine Seizure Assist making a difference