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  1. San Francisco SPCA Offers to Train Deaf Woman's Dog Over the Phone
  2. Walkers warned over cow dangers (UK)
  3. Lions Gift Changes Lives
  4. Yonkers diabetic boy's dog blocked at school doors
  5. CAN / Critics barking over Carleton Place ‘service dog’
  6. Suit: Ban on service animals violates Fair Housing Act
  7. Appeals court upholds decision to allow student to bring dog to school
  8. The Dog Who Changes Lives
  9. A best friend and much more
  10. Bank insisted on thumbprint from armless man
  11. Guide dog for autistic boy can attend class...for now
  12. Service Animals — Barking up the Right Tree
  13. After 8-year delay, VA program hopes to help vets
  14. Defense Department is financing study that will pair dogs with troops suffering
  15. Actual service dogs for military men
  16. Service Dogs Help Traumatized Veterans Heal
  17. Disabled given a helping hound (Queensland)
  18. Don't shrink wrap the kids - overdiagnosis of behavioural problems for money
  19. Coming of age with my dog Toni
  20. Oregon Wants ‘Dog Friendly’ to Be Less So
  21. Movie tribute to Endal the Wonder Dog
  22. Definition of ‘Service Animal’ a Hot Issue in Pet-Friendly Portland, Ore.
  23. Guide Dog Harley Gets Top Accolade
  24. One man and his dog
  25. A nose for food: 3-year old needs allergy service dog
  26. Woman's service dog kept out of funeral service
  27. Shop for treasures, help a boy get a dog
  28. Family sues after Columbia school bars service dog for autistic student
  29. MOVED: Special education, was Re: Family sues after Columbia school
  30. Ohio Court Rules Against Woman Fired for Pumping Breast Milk
  31. What America might be like without the Kennedys - Part 1:Medicare & the A.D.A.
  32. Blind man arrested over protest
  33. Apology after blind man is made to sit in corner of Kirkcaldy cafe
  34. Ironic news story
  35. Man Sues Condominium Association for Fining Son's Service Dog
  36. Special Education Law Blog: Hot Botton Issue Service Dogs
  37. Judge promoting use of dogs in criminal justice system
  38. Interview: Mona Ramouni about clicker training her guide horse Cali
  39. Schools Fight Families Over Autism Service Dogs
  40. Guide dog leads couple down aisle
  41. Service dog is more than a best friend
  42. San Antonio Zoo Makes News for Denying Service Dog user access to petting zoo
  43. The Seeing Eye celebrates 80 years of giving renewed life to the blind
  44. The Cost of Service Dogand Choosing a Program-NY Times
  45. Australia: Disability discrimination: Some taxi drivers refusing guide dogs
  46. Man jumps off bridge to save dog (not SD related)
  47. States Should Liscence Dogs that Assist the Disabled
  48. A link between social rejection and physical pain
  49. Some are taking advantage of the ADA
  50. New signals to help blind pedestrians