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  1. Some are taking advantage of the ADA
  2. New signals to help blind pedestrians
  3. Square peg, round hole: not every dog is a service dog
  4. Disability hardships sour BayFest outing
  5. Family Sues Zoo for Denial of Access
  6. Allan schwartz is at it again!!
  7. Q&A: Disclosing disabilities
  8. Quick Aid for a Heat-Stricken Seeing Eye Dog
  9. Eve Samples: Stuart couple in fight with homeowners' association over cat
  10. My walk with Roxie from Guide Dogs Of Texas
  11. Guide Dogs of the Desert moving facility to Hemet
  12. Dogs alert owners to oncoming diabetic crises
  13. Seeing eye dog brings confidence
  14. Oregon Department of Agriculture to launch campaign to keep dogs out of grocery
  15. Snoozing 'service dog' sleeps through owner's Tasering, arrest
  16. Augusta woman creates awareness about service dogs
  17. Guide dogs on long-haul flights
  18. Do you have a disability and canít pump your own gas?
  19. Autistic boy fights to keep therapeutic pet pig
  20. Instrumental disability rights activist, Eunice Kennedy Shriver dies at age 88
  22. Woman reserves entire business class to fly with dog
  23. Guide dog joins his owner on plane trip
  24. Lakeside High first day features 4-legged helper, T-shirt tradition
  25. ADA violation lawsuits: Legit or for profit?
  26. Consumer Reports: Homeowners insurers don't like some dog breeds
  27. What is a 504 Plan?
  28. Interview with Dolores Arste about clicker training a guide horse
  29. Garden for visually impaired to be dedicated in memory of guide dog
  30. Rescued pet in training to serve owner as diabetic alert dog
  31. Guiding Eyes for the Blind on The Today Show
  32. Attack dog sought after pet is killed
  33. Al Franken: A wounded veteran's best friend
  34. UK / (Puppy)Guide dog killed in hit and run
  35. RFID technology for the blind instead of seeing eye dog
  36. Restaurant owner in trouble over seeing-eye dog dispute
  37. A better life in sight
  38. AU: New guide dogs act
  39. Deaf student files complaint against Sonny's
  40. NZ / Blind woman told: You can't stay here with your guide dog
  41. Australians decide satire is no joke
  42. Amputated leg doesnít stop service dog
  43. Yellow lab guides blind comic Brian Fischler to the stage
  44. UK / Guide dog is banned on bus: council's health and safety rules cause stir
  45. Guide dog blazes new path for Smithfield teen
  46. More Iraq vets graduate from Dog Tags program in Berthoud
  47. Man denies beating partially blind victim
  48. HUD sues senior complex over service pets policy
  49. Police defend using pepper spray, Taser on mentally disabled deaf man in Ala. st
  50. Service-Dog's Owner Lied ?