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  1. Guide dog deaf teacher's new pet
  2. White Castle didn't discriminate against spurned customer
  3. Iraq Vet Says McDonald's Workers Beat Him for bringing in service dog
  4. Diamond Cat Food Recalled For Thiamine Deficiency
  5. Solicitor stole from dying millionaire to fund breast reduction
  6. Blind pair says Jetstar refused guide dog
  7. Letter to the Editor re: "In defense of carrying small dogs"
  8. Crosby community hero on the road to recovery
  9. Haltom City teen with epilepsy raises money for service dog
  10. Photographer Among Victims Of Rise In Burglaries
  11. Dog dispute before tribunal
  12. Service Dog Fraud - Quest for the Vest
  13. Benefit for young boy results in hard feelings
  14. Year of Firsts: In defense of carrying small dogs
  15. proposal to change ACAA regs ESA & PSD 48 hour notice
  16. Service Dog Can Alert to Seizure...
  17. Medical service dog now needs her own medical help after accident
  18. Google announces automated captioning for YouTube videos
  19. Hearing Assistance Dogs Come In All Sizes, Including Chihuahuas
  20. Landlords pay $300,000 for evicting helper dog
  21. access denied at a Halloween Party...
  22. Teleseminar: Guide Dogs in Hospitals & Other Health Care Facilities
  23. AU - Toddler mauled by dog in hair salon
  24. Blind man run over
  25. Partially-deaf Fort Collins woman battles HOA over 'service dog'
  26. ASPCA’s Dog of the Year dies of heart attack
  27. School District Can Ban Service Dogs, Court Says
  28. Franken's first piece of legislation provides service dogs to vets
  29. Dogs at the polls!
  30. District 191: Service animals to be allowed
  31. A service dog: This veteran feels it's not much to ask for
  32. Judge's ruling allows autism helper dog in class
  33. Petting somebody’s guide dog can put both in danger
  34. Service dog trained to deal with child who has fetal alcohol syndrome
  35. Hank the therapy dog provides emotional support to young and old alike
  36. Man in wheelchair hit by car
  37. Service dogs in carts
  38. NPR's Science Friday: "From Genes to Growls, Decoding the Modern Dog"
  39. AU/World-first bus stop ID project to help passengers with a vision impairment
  40. Dogs seen as not eco friendly..
  41. GDB puppy is missing in Lodi, California
  42. Helper Parrots & Guide Horses: Where to Draw the Line?
  43. Access Limited for Stanford's Handicapped Students
  44. Service dog-in-training allowed to live on campus
  45. Mongolia/ FULBRIGHT STUDENT RETURNS with guide dog
  46. old case/ Family Evicted Over Service Dog Wins $115K
  47. The Dog: Woman’s Best (and Last) Friend
  48. Bojangles opens doors to faith
  49. Colorado Springs lawyer accused of denying access to woman's service dog
  50. UK / Pet health cover shoppers 'put on alert for dog-killing parasite'