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  1. Time for some clarity on service animal policies
  2. (FEMA) plans to publish a range of disaster guides
  3. Don’t Take Advantage of ‘Service’ Animals
  4. Service Dog Discrimination Alleged
  5. Franken bill Service Dog Legislation passes
  6. UK/ German Shepherds for the blind?
  7. House Adds Hate Crimes Protections For People With Disabilities
  8. Dog Detects Danger
  9. Paws With a Cause- whole new challenge.
  10. Service Dog Allows Man to Live on his Own
  11. Iraq veteran kicked off bus over service dog
  12. $10,000 pooch to change autistic boy's world
  14. Little help: Monkeys train to assist those with disabilities
  15. ambiguous relationship between public scholarship and its audience.
  16. Mashpee voters put leash on pit bull restrictions
  17. Portsmouth Police Log
  18. Why are service dogs denied in Columbia?
  19. Broken Arrow Family Credits Dog With Saving Their Lives
  20. Cat Calls 911 to Help Owner
  21. Jury commissioner asks potential juror with a service dog to prove his disabilit
  22. Warning: Dog "glued" in crate by spot-on flea treatment
  23. Girls attack stone, rob visually impaired woman
  24. Former Resident Finds Help With Service Dog
  25. Service dog creates issue at Kiski Area school
  26. HUD Charges Illinois University with Violating the Fair...
  27. UK /Award for guide dog who scared off mugger
  28. researchers are still looking for proof dogs can detect low blood-sugar levels i
  29. Southlake family hopes trained dog can offer lifesaving alerts for diabetic teen
  30. Service dogs help boy balance, stay safe
  31. Blind man beaten for 'not being blind'
  32. Disabled Bristol shopper told 'to be quick' by Tesco staff
  33. Minneapolis woman cited for kicking seeing-eye dog
  34. Proposed tax break for pet health care
  35. New type of service dog
  36. Ten soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder to in study with service dogs
  37. Service dogs come in all shapes and sizes
  38. Guide dog age limit to be dropped
  39. Residents besieged by barking dogs; say training facility has lost control
  40. Shelton man defends using snake as service animal
  41. Not all 'trainers' are competent (not SD related, but interesting)
  42. Family adjusts as Columbia service dog saga continues
  43. Bus drivers 'forget' blind passenger
  44. Seventeen-year-old girl petitions airlines for wheelchair accessibility
  45. Drug-trial-means-hope-for-Holland-woman
  46. Muslims to learn benefits of guide dogs
  47. Animals and MRSA
  48. Autistic Columbia boy, his dog begin school in Fairview Heights
  49. Arrrrrr You Ready for International Talk Like a Pirate Day?
  50. State high court to hear appeal of service dog causing injury