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  1. Teaching Pet-Friendly Homes New Cleaning Tricks
  2. Duke lab seeks to learn how dogs think
  3. prison takes the lead in assistance dogs project
  4. 'The older I get, the happier I get'
  5. For soldier, new dog is more than pet project
  6. Pooch so proud to parade in his patriot colours
  7. Kansas Lions prepare to converge upon Hays
  8. Pembrokeshire County Council take action over Narberth parking problem after int
  9. The Incredible Journey, Springs version, starring Rocky
  10. Search-and-rescue dog, volunteer help after explosion
  11. Girl with diabetes to receive some canine help
  12. Oklahoman assists blind with work at NewView Oklahoma
  13. The Seeing Eye in Morris County celebrates 15,000th guide dog pairing
  14. ADA Laws Welcome Service Dogs
  15. Birthday dinner disrupted over service dog issue
  16. South Tahoe man raising funds so companion may walk again
  17. Local veteran finds it difficult to replace her service dog
  18. Blind man plunges from jetty in Mornington Peninsula
  19. Housing Discrimination Continues in Washington
  20. Woman and her dog barred from shelter
  21. DOGS may be man's best friends, but when it comes to V/Line it's best they keep
  22. Man Denied Hotel Room For Bringing Guide Dog
  23. Azle service dog killed while protecting home, master
  24. DeLand's DAR celebrates 100-year history
  25. Service animals
  26. Willmar man faces three charges for hitting blind man with vehicle
  27. Smart Canines Provide Good Medicine
  28. Service Dog Owner Speaks Out About Day-to-Day Challenges (VIDEO
  29. Reasonable help for disabled LaPorte residents
  30. Local service dog heads to prestigious Westminster dog show
  31. Autism Dog in News
  32. Victim of scammers now battling bank
  33. Hamilton Woman Posing As Service Dog Trainer Sentenced
  34. Greene County, Mo., Nixes Proposed Exotic Animal Shelter
  35. Tribunal dismisses service dog case
  36. New service animal guidelines pending
  37. Complaint Box | Ubiquitous Pets
  38. Chicken on Subway NY
  39. Continental Gate Agent Tells Passenger She Thinks Her Mental Illness Is Fake
  40. Guide dog puppy hurt in collision with speedy cyclist
  41. PetSmart employee fired for bringing his pet to work
  42. Service Dog has no standing to sue.
  43. Temple Gandin Coming to Eugene
  44. Dogs ready to lend eyes to new partners
  45. IAADP coming to the Puget Sound Area
  46. Canine Compulsive Disorder
  47. Dog helps stabilize autistic boy's life, but Hillsboro school says not in the cl
  48. Jane Roe” v. Providence Health smelly SD case
  49. Can SD be banned from work
  50. Parents of 5-year-old with cerebral palsy want service dog allowed in Napoleon e