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  1. Veteran, service dog receive devastating diagnosis
  2. FHA- The Supreme Court may soon disarm the single best weapon for desegregating
  3. Air Canada Cuts Dog Allergy Accommodations
  4. Auburn Football Players Accused of Harassing Veteran and Service
  5. An act of kindness helps cancer patient who was scammed
  6. Family asks for help in locating missing service dog
  7. Verizon store kicks out Army veteran over service dog:
  8. Cute and cuddly can sometimes be the best medicine
  9. Dog boosts confidence of disabled student
  10. Part 2: Hearing ear dogs what they are, what they do
  11. Ask George & Chuck: Housing can't be denied due to handicapped .
  12. Africa / Airport drama over man's guide dog
  13. Lakewood girl with seizure disorder gets help from four-legged friend
  14. Preet Bharara is man's best friend in eviction battle
  15. Sunday: Save my pet
  16. Blind woman's missing service dog found in Macon
  17. New Law Protects Service Dogs When Attacked
  18. Veteran kicked out of Center City 7-Eleven twice with service dog
  19. Rescue Pit Bulls Act As Service Dogs For People In Need, Fight Against Stigma
  20. Service dog helps treat mental illness
  21. Fruitland family seeks help for injured service dog
  22. EU / Air travel seen through the eyes of a blind passenger
  23. Your dog can fetch you a refund
  24. CAN/ Guide dog back to work after recovering from burn wounds
  25. Lawsuit alleging discrimination by Tulsa hotel against Air Force veteran with se
  26. Class action filed against maker of Nature's Recipe dog food
  27. Case dismissed concerning East Palestine man, service dog
  28. UK / Student denied accommodation 'by 30 landlords and agencies
  29. Study examines impact of service dogs on veterans with PTSD
  30. Every dog has his day even at work
  31. Windsor family raising funds for PTSD service dog
  32. Dunedin couple accused of killing relative's dog
  33. Service dog turns hero, foils home intruder
  34. Legislative Roundup: Bill addresses service animals on school buses
  35. My Turn: State laws are clear regarding service animals
  36. Pup/ UK/ Newbury girl Estella has a new best friend
  37. Dog that disappeared Dec. 1 found in snare in West Maui Mountains
  38. Service Dog Bites Passenger on Airline
  39. Service dog group at risk of closing looking for help
  40. Singapore/ Man throws tool bag at guide dog, injuring it
  41. UK/ Blind man ordered out of Caernarfon shop because his guide dog
  42. Is That Service Animal Request Legitimiate‎ Or Is That Resident .
  43. Teen parts with furry friend following completion of guide dog training
  44. Owner devastated after dog snatched from North Shore beach
  45. City of Tampa forced to make changes after a veteran's service dog .
  46. Restaurant causes a stir by trying to bar service dog
  47. Feds fault Tampa for booting wounded vet
  48. Iraq veterans in legislature want to protect PTSD dogs
  49. Superman scared of flying?
  50. HOA boards should tread carefully on assistance animals