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  1. Canine Assistants dog offers independence
  2. Lions will hold Rider fundraiser in Moose Jaw
  3. Dog guide gives local man new ‘leash’ on life
  4. SPCA reels after massive animal seizure
  5. People, pets have shelters in severe weather
  6. Not SD Related but Truly Fascinating
  7. Westminster Dog Show Opens in New York City
  8. BBC video, seizure alert dog.
  9. Veteran, friends to start charity to help offset costs
  10. Travellers allergic to pets are disabled?
  11. Guide dogs for blind people attacked in Portland
  12. Bev Berger talks about her dog Jasper and life without sight
  13. Service dogs get some hands-on training
  14. A different kind of obedience training
  15. Should dogs go everywhere with their owners
  16. Dara goes to school to help child with autism
  17. Dogs for Vets: a great idea, but screening Vets for Pets is also important
  18. Service Dog Goes to College
  19. Dog-owner begs court to overturn 'discriminatory' eviction order
  20. Disabled Teen Getting Free Service Dog
  21. Church celebrates service of blind member's guide dog
  22. UK / Puppy walking programme nominated for award
  23. Lexie proves a loyal friend indeed
  24. The end of the line for a canine hero
  25. Canine Assistants program to help disabled boy, 13
  26. Betty White talks about her lifetime honor from Morris Animal Foundation
  27. Why our sporting stars are backing Fun Run
  28. Henderson: Spirit gives her new lease on life
  29. Service dog bow-wows out of big show
  30. Dogs are the eyes for the blind
  31. Dubuque dog detects quake?
  32. Thompson: Chowhounds quibble with kibble
  33. Information is power when it comes to pet 'lemon' laws
  34. How to correct inappropriate jumping
  35. Lost dog tale has happy ending in New Orleans
  36. Teaching Pet-Friendly Homes New Cleaning Tricks
  37. Duke lab seeks to learn how dogs think
  38. prison takes the lead in assistance dogs project
  39. 'The older I get, the happier I get'
  40. For soldier, new dog is more than pet project
  41. Pooch so proud to parade in his patriot colours
  42. Kansas Lions prepare to converge upon Hays
  43. Pembrokeshire County Council take action over Narberth parking problem after int
  44. The Incredible Journey, Springs version, starring Rocky
  45. Search-and-rescue dog, volunteer help after explosion
  46. Girl with diabetes to receive some canine help
  47. Oklahoman assists blind with work at NewView Oklahoma
  48. The Seeing Eye in Morris County celebrates 15,000th guide dog pairing
  49. ADA Laws Welcome Service Dogs
  50. Birthday dinner disrupted over service dog issue