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  1. Spunky dog Lucy has eased Tavares owner's depression, doctor says, but mobile ..
  2. In Alaska, monkeys not allowed
  3. I'm Not There: Weapons of mastication
  4. Merlin's Kids founder Janice and her dog
  5. Officer talks to students about how to stay safe near dogs
  6. Social Security opens disability hearing office in Anchorage
  7. Prison inmates train dogs and help themselves
  8. True love blooms eternal whatever life's obstacles
  9. Edmund is a big hit in 'home' town
  10. Red Bluff Emblem Club
  11. Salina disputes DNA test
  12. New freedom for a Vt. vet
  13. Black lab serves as life changing therapy for Emporia child with Autism
  14. Hearing and Service Dogs do so much more
  15. Visual impairment aided by a 'little chocolate chip cookie'
  16. Loss of eyesight doesn't stop man's search for new career
  17. A 'purse dog' can be your constant companion
  19. says their pet Rottweiler tried to rescue her
  20. Baby sitters aren't on standby like firefighters
  21. People Come Before Pets on the Airplane
  22. Correctional facility trains puppies for disabled children
  23. What it takes to host a guide dog
  24. Animal lovers' calendar: Weekend of Feb. 20-21 and beyond
  25. New pup for charity owners
  26. Rebecca’s War Dog of the Week: Chips the brave
  27. Big Dog Owners Form Support Group to Endure Plus Size Pain
  28. Association raises health concerns on dining bill
  29. Breakfast Rotary Club hosts service dogs
  30. Public should learn rights of disabled
  31. Norman victims' family members tell of loss
  32. Pay tribute to real heroes
  33. Jury convicts man in Norman killings
  34. Custom Patrol Dog Attacks Child At Dulles Airport
  35. Vibram Pet Products Donates $11500 to Puppies Behind Bars at SHOT Show Gala
  36. Dispelling pit bull myths
  37. Labrador trainer and breeder nominated for prestigious award
  38. Help from service dogs proves beneficial
  39. An Irishman's Diary
  40. Police K9 Charges Kids On School Playground
  41. Demonstration set on guide dog skills
  42. Service dogs help traumatized veterans
  43. Chelan sics dog trio on problem geese
  44. Mrs Bool trained guide dogs
  45. Pollo Is Working Like a Dog - and for the Dogs
  46. Quabaug Toys Support Injured Vets
  47. NC Considers Animals in Restaurants
  48. THIS MONTH IN…: 1950
  49. Port Hope honours outstanding citizens
  50. Visual & Scent Trackers