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  1. Save jobs of our elders' caregivers
  2. Charity may train sick woman's dog
  3. Canvassers ply LA streets seeking unlicensed dogs
  4. Answering readers' questions on threatening neighbors, deliquent owners
  5. Post Polio Syndrome Week - No Presidential Proclamation Required
  6. Amazingly Accurate Dogs Detect Human Cancers by Scent
  7. Green light's a danger sign
  8. Reading Half Marathon places with Team Guide Dogs
  9. Harts back at home
  10. Bailey is ready for a dog's life
  11. Woman offers her view of the world to students
  12. Retirees chip in for guide dog program
  13. Fat Tuesday fun
  14. Dogs Helping Humans Heal
  15. Health news from across Southwest Florida
  16. Baron the collie reunited with formerlly homeless owner after 7 months
  17. PAALS Pups Lend a Helping Paw
  18. Latest News Buddy's a hero -- and a pal to those in need:
  19. Dogs in laps OK'd at PCB restaurants
  20. Fort Morgan Times-Newfoundland service dog
  21. Measuring more than 7ft, Giant George enters the record books as the world's
  22. Paramedics 'step up' for colleague
  23. Travelers can face discrimination, from age to disability
  24. Janet's Veterinary Medicine Blog
  25. Dogs help diabetics smell trouble
  26. Dogs guide autistic kids
  27. Therapy and Service Animals - do you know the difference?
  28. Greyhounds Trained To Help Veterans With PTSD
  29. "The Guide" Fiction Book Reviews: 2/22/2010
  30. Calls for new schemes for disabled people
  31. Veterans 'storm' Capitol Hill
  32. Takeaway owner's apology to blind woman
  33. As Wales marks Rare Disease Week, we meet one sufferer
  34. Guide dogs lead the field
  35. cow for therapy
  36. Boy's family to say thanks for gift
  37. For Women Veterans, Battles Go On at Home
  38. Trainer thinks therapy dogs also should be allowed in businesses
  39. Regent mulls ban on German shepherds
  40. Blind golfers teeing up at Gaudet Luce
  41. FurBall' recognizes animal lovers
  42. Raising awareness, Friedreich's disease
  43. OCEANSIDE: Smart dog
  44. The Old Trainer: Just a tap, not a hit
  45. Guidelines those with service animals in PSU housing under review
  46. Derry boy's family sues over alleged dog biting
  47. easyJet blasted by deaf woman over ordeal
  48. I beat 2 brain tumours and found the man of my dreams
  49. Teach canine to stay on mat
  50. Dog and monkey show unfolds at Flagler courthouse