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  1. Rodney needs a dog
  3. Man's best friend can improve mental health
  4. Seeing-eye dog refused entry to restaurant
  5. Brunch to benefit Canines for Combat Veterans
  6. Veteran's hope for more dogs to aid heroes
  7. Raise a puppy, change a life
  8. Madison-based 4-H club raises puppies for Seeing Eye
  9. Blind faith helps Barry and his dog bring in the crowds
  10. Pups in prison: assistance dogs at Borallon
  11. Training to set up emergency animal shelter
  12. "Sniff" The Movie
  13. 'I would be lost without my 'best friend' Troy'
  14. Charity hopes dogged by bureaucracy
  15. PawsAbilities to raise funds for the dogs
  16. Broadway Malyan's eyes on Guide Dogs prize
  17. Lost? Just follow this Guide Dog's nose
  18. Wilderwood to provide service dog for 'Extreme Makeover' boy
  19. State Bar Committee on Animals and the Law Releases Comprehensive Guide for ...
  20. Dog Trainer Charged With Identity Theft in Marion County
  21. Pet Therapy
  22. Aging Well: Preparing for the unthinkable
  23. The Watertown Splash: That's what friends are for
  24. Severe Nut Allergies Are A Disability, DOE Says
  25. Calls for updated laws to cover mobility scooters
  26. Dogs open hearts of Missouri prisoners
  27. Annual dog show wraps up at Cobo
  28. Swiss voters reject giving abused animals a lawyer
  29. Becoming a team: the ups and downs of the last four years with Bristol
  30. Pets in planes: three complaints prompt review
  31. Japan/ Truck driver,employer to pay 3 million yen damages for killing guide dog
  32. Larry Brody's Live! From Paradise!: The Brodys head for Port Paradise
  33. HUD charges two landlords with discriminating against vet with disabilities
  34. Dogs go the distance: Program provides service to veterans with PTSD
  35. Homeless veteran looks to bail his German Shephard out of the pound
  36. Blind woman angry over Wal-Mart hassles
  37. Youngsters see elite police team in action
  38. What's all the "bark" about at De Soto National Memorial?
  39. Hot water bottle service dog
  40. Neil Patrick Harris goes to the dogs for PBS film
  41. Tour takes off
  42. Blind man moved on by city council from spot where he collected 9000 in one yea
  43. Lions Club membership is encouraged
  44. Dog's big day at Crufts
  45. Goodyear workers lose friend
  46. Giant guide dog hopes to open some eyes
  47. Molly moves on after giving up crown
  48. Tina the wonder dog
  49. Second Stewart might enter county commissioner race
  50. Hillcrest students learn about coping with disabilities