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  1. Second Stewart might enter county commissioner race
  2. Hillcrest students learn about coping with disabilities
  3. Doggie DNA Test Reveals Pooch's Past
  4. Guest opinion: Disability in the crosshairs
  5. Dog's broken leg leaves hard feelings all around
  6. Donations Help Buy Dog For Special Needs Student
  7. Earthquake! Hey, San Jose, is your dog prepared for the "Big One?
  8. Anne Marie Fuller: Unwanted dogs recruited for K-9 unit
  9. Father, son perish in fire on White Oak's Amherst Avenue
  10. Penn Vet hosts working dog conference
  11. No ordinary dad, he cares for foster kids while legally blind
  12. Dogs-elevators-and-leashes-dont-mix
  13. Canine morphology: Hunting for genes and tracking mutations
  14. More than 1600 walk for guide dogs
  15. Loyal guide dog Indy has brought new joy to Rhiannon's life
  16. The 'no pets allowed' problem
  17. Report says service animal bylaw OK
  18. Bus drivers get final say on strollers, wheelchairs
  19. A blessing for soldiers blinded by war
  20. Rnzfb Elects New Chair
  21. Herhold: A dog's story
  22. I cried when Treo got his 'VC' for service in Helmand
  23. Perfect Pooches finalist training to be guide dog
  24. Now Prozac pets get the black dog
  25. Scientist to discuss coastal research
  26. Easter Seals UCP holds first Triangle Walk With Me event
  28. Xenia nonprofit receives $50K in grants
  29. Special dog can help give Austin girl a normal life
  30. Class outing for guide dogs in Old Town Temecula
  31. It's bark and ride! Free bus travel for guide dog trainers
  32. Guide Dog Found After Being Missing Overnight
  33. Seeing the Light
  34. Canine Corps.
  35. Are we poisoning our pets through the food we give them?
  36. Assistance dog happily placed at home
  37. Puppies lead the way
  38. Pastor reflects on fond memories on his final day as pastor at First ...
  39. Shame on you, taxi drivers
  40. SF Iguana Man Gets to Keep His 'Service Lizards'
  41. Woman, vet: City shares blame in mauling of hearing dog
  42. Dog license dispute ends in service dog's death
  43. Hearing aid dog is owner's 'ears'
  44. Blind man plans to hike AT end to end
  45. On the books
  46. Hero dogs have their day
  47. Blind Man Plans Solo, 130-Mile Walk
  48. Service dog provides help, love to local child
  49. Quinn to attend Chicago dog show
  50. Paws for a cause