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  1. Stress dogs can be a Soldier's best friend
  2. Guide Dog event will honour Rob Parke
  3. Blind Brothers Fear Attackers' Return
  4. Guide dog killed by car; blind owner OK
  5. Blind man fights off teen muggers
  6. Struggling to work
  7. Mapleton adds four-legged friend
  8. NZ / Talby's new tricks
  9. Dog saves the day
  10. Bill looks to protect guide dogs in Vermont
  11. Service dog dispute ends with fine
  12. Judge Tosses Service Dog Suit
  13. Dog eats $20000 diamond
  14. Tethered to a Friend
  15. Dog accompanies autistic student to grade school
  16. Blind photographer celebrates nature in 'Seasons'
  17. Dogs' Intelligence On Par With Two-Year-Old Human, Canine Researcher Says
  18. Lions Clubs leader dog program changes lives of recipients
  19. Pavement parkers put blind man in danger
  20. Rail says 'no' to Ricki
  21. School boards required to comply with new accessibility standards
  22. prohibited acts for presenting dog as a service dog when it was not.
  23. Man escapes house fire with help from service dog
  24. Liz Jones moans: My border collie¿s cleaner than most shop assistants
  25. Jacksonville Woman has Surgery to See Again
  26. Study shows Aussie dingo may be world's oldest dog
  27. UK / woman lost a legal battle to keep pet Alfie at her housing association
  28. Owner's horror as guide dog is mauled in street
  29. Guide dog puppies and their walkers can travel free on First buses in Chester
  30. Taxi driver fined for refusing to carry guide dog
  31. ICAN: Indiana Canine Assist Network
  32. A Boy and His Seizure-Sniffing Dog
  33. Should 'bad dog' insurance be mandatory?
  34. Santa Cruz merchants likely to support overturning downtown dog ban
  35. Caring for dog helps former truants mature
  36. Meredith Lions Club welcomes guide dog owner to give talk
  37. Guiding walk
  38. Guide dogs lead in Daytona Beach
  39. Ailing woman makes plea to find missing service dog
  40. Service dogs offer children a new sense of confidence
  41. Legion salutes local Marine
  42. Blinded Merseyside soldier 'sees' with tongue device
  43. Crufts 2010: Has the pedigree dog breeding problem been sorted?
  44. Rattlesnake Attack is Pet Insurer's Most Unusual January Claim
  45. Event to raise money for guide dog
  46. Help needed to train guide dogs
  47. So many hurdles to overcome
  48. In-retirement-hard-working-reporter-earning-accolades
  49. Heartfelt gift pays forward with leader dog puppy
  50. Guide dog saved owner from fire