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  1. Experts: Pet Capuchins Can Turn On Their Owners
  2. Paws out in force
  3. Service dog left behind after her epileptic owner was arrested
  4. Persistence pays off in creation of Mosgiel underpass
  5. Group: city blind to our needs, concerns
  6. Denver CO, ACO follows man home (6 blocks) for having service dog offleash
  7. Williston woman seeks help from monkey, but first needs state OK
  8. A friend to lean on
  9. Collier School District settles suit concerning autistic student
  10. Service dog heads to school for 30-day test
  11. Woman will sue county again for banning dog from Hall of Justice
  12. Misunderstanding raises awareness: Woman with service dog turned away
  13. Service dogs, people with special needs get spotlight in PBS doc
  14. Toxic plants and other outdoor dangers can make pets sick
  15. Fresh Terror Warnings Now Put Pets Under Scrutiny at Israeli Airports
  16. Disabled Pennsylvania man's service dog not eligible for food stamp benefits ...
  17. Blind people experiencing near-misses on shared surfaces, claims charity
  18. Pets on planes: More owners smuggling them aboard
  19. SPD Reports: Caffé Vita owner arrested for DUI
  20. Canine assistant a blessing of the four-legged variety
  21. Dog Tales: How can you give up the puppy?
  22. Owners angered as tiny dog banned from shop
  23. Farewell to teacher's pet
  24. Blind Greeley author Grace Napier to speak about guide dogs
  25. Court Denies Food Stamps to Service Dog
  26. MOVED: Koolaid dyeing was Re: Court Denies Food Stamps to Service Dog
  27. Guide dog defied death to get his owner safely home
  28. Sat-nav system plan to help blind navigate Swansea
  29. Harpo was more than just a service dog
  30. Law needs to protect service dog user rights
  31. Lawyer fined for snubbing service dog
  32. Pets don't treat loneliness
  33. Going to the Dogs
  34. Purdue vet school to provide free eye exams for service dogs
  35. For Self-Control, Try a Dog Biscuit?
  36. Local Store Kicks Out A Family with Service Dog
  37. County attorney’s office welcomes newest ‘friend’
  38. New lawsuit alleges that all dogs are not polluters?
  39. Self-sufficiency is goal for once-conjoined twin
  40. Helpful dog needs some help of her own
  41. Love My Pets GPS Releases Ultimate Reflective Glow In The Dark Dog Collar
  42. Catching up: Service dog dispute ends with fine
  43. 20 Funny Interview Stories…from the Recruiter's Eye!
  44. Dog signals low blood-sugar level
  45. Eye-opening book helps guide dogs
  46. Local dog inducted into pet Hall of Fame
  47. Two hero Pit Bulls in Washington State
  48. Supporting Our Wounded Heroes Now and Always
  49. Local Boy Scouts help FIDELCO to celebrate anniversary
  50. Showing mettle