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  1. Sunderland grandmother dog poo fine scrapped
  2. Bereft dog owner seeks witness to canine's death
  3. Diabetes service dogs provide valuable help
  4. City looks at dealing with hearing-impaired
  5. Students Develop Radar Device to Help Blind People “See”
  6. What it takes to make a service dog
  7. Douglas signs guide dog bill
  8. Woman, dog learn best ways to maneuver together
  9. Three states fail to house disabled in most appropriate settings, DOJ argues
  10. Pet Pointers: Group trains dog to work with disabled people
  11. Rescued Dog Saves Diabetic Owner
  12. Family raises 'dog with a mission'
  13. Man threw snarling pit bull at terrified driver
  14. Litigious disabled advocates badger lodging industry
  15. New deal sealed for country's guide dogs
  16. Internet revolution for blind Bristol piano tuner
  17. Craigslist helps reunite Hazel Dell woman with lost guide dog
  18. A guide dog can be an invaluable companion
  19. Veteran injured by road side bomb gets his independence back
  20. Gone to the dogs: Animals in stores
  21. Faithful companion gets James in the air
  22. CNIB offers a lesson in guide dog etiquette
  23. My Beacon of Light
  24. Hard working hero dogs for hard working heroes
  25. 'They can do it all'
  26. Lighthouse leader excited about getting guide dog
  27. Blind pedestrian's appeal to drivers
  28. Paws with a Cause is coming to Wales!
  29. fire service dog wins hero award
  30. Council barking up the same issue again
  31. guide puppies get free bus passes
  32. Haven Manor Sued For Refusing To Accept Hearing-Impaired Worker
  33. The benefits of an “animal friendly” workplace policy
  34. Disability activist in town
  35. ADA Employment Regulations Delayed
  36. APDT Chronicle of the Dog- The Seeing Eye and Behavior
  37. Vt. to allow monkeys as service animals
  38. Ask The DMV
  39. Person sells service dog
  40. Guide dog gave 14 years of blessings
  41. Trained dogs helping to aid Quebec children with autism
  42. 4 paws for Drake
  43. Aberbargoed woman separated from her guide dog by rabies rules
  44. Man threatens lawsuit over service dog incident
  45. BUSINESS LAW: Impairment caused by medication's side effects may be disability
  46. Will sniff for food: canine changes careers
  47. Parents want $14,000 service dog in class
  48. Pepsi-Cola awards Refresh Grants to six local groups
  49. Bionic eye implants within four years
  50. At Blackthorn, dog's best friend is a ....