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  1. DNA could solve a doggie whodunit in city condo building
  2. Bills cover service dogs, chiropractic care
  3. This dog was more than man's best friend
  4. Maine Dogs - German Sheperd Retirees
  5. Southeastern Guide Dogs' training begins with a hug
  6. Lawsuit says Denverís, Auroraís bans violate civil rights under ADA
  7. A wheelchair, ladders and wings ...
  8. Visitors say restaurant denied rights
  9. Jasper traumatised after saving owner
  10. Local garage sale to help woman get new leader dog
  11. Federal Lawsuit lost saying Aurora BSL laws violated the United States Constitut
  12. Anger over guide dog equipment theft
  13. Smuggling Fido into your carry-on
  14. Mikey's determination inspires all around him
  15. Mosey's first ride
  16. Animal Clinic of the Oaks joins in nationwide dog flu vaccination clinics
  17. Funds need for vet care for service dog
  18. Legally Trying To Get Around Pit Bull Ban
  19. Mobile Ability - Using wireless to help connect people with disabilities
  20. Man's dogs will set blind kids free
  21. Disability 101: Accessibility in grocery stores
  22. What happens when airline loses your dog?
  23. Our visit to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno
  24. News of the Weird (pet dog, not SD) CAUTION: murder
  25. Australian restaurant pays for confusing a "guide dog" as a "gay dog"
  26. Working guide dogs are not for patting
  27. Psychiatric service dog or emotional support animal?
  28. UK: Brief encounter: Can I keep a pet in my flat?
  29. Guide Dog Depot serving Unseen Bean
  30. Justice is Blind
  31. Ruling: Henry's cheated workers at Atalissa turkey plant
  32. Justice Department Files Lawsuit Against Arkansas Alleging Statewide Violations
  33. Tulsa family reacts to their 'Extreme Home Makeover' airing
  34. Veteran's Service Dog Off Leash For Now
  35. Service dogs for people with PTSD
  36. Fluffy's friends howl over pet ban
  37. Florida Fails to Ban Bestiality
  38. May free SD eye exams -- official press release
  39. Man who 'invented' the labradoodle regrets decision to breed world's first ...
  40. Blind woman struck; no penalty
  41. Groundbreaking Reversal in Movie Theater Disability Case
  42. Ask the TH: Is it OK for a dog to run loose in a store?
  43. "Service Animal" Causes Eviction Dispute
  44. Service dog stolen in Seattle; help find her
  45. National Federation of the Blind Files Complaints Against Nine Law Schools
  46. Service Dogs - Why Do Some Quit on the Job?
  47. Gone to the Dogs: Animals in Stores
  48. Vomiting dog causes man to crash
  50. Turkey view on guide dogs?