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  1. CAN/ Local wants apologies from Wildrose
  2. Teacup service dog helps woman with severe diabetes
  3. UK / Attack could mean lifesaving Ipswich guide dog, Jazz, has to retire
  4. CHINA/ Doggone it! Lawsuit threats will likely only court disaster
  5. UK/ Deaf assistance dog attacked by 'out of control' dalmatians
  6. CAN / Halifax Unitarian Universalist Church ordains first minister
  7. CAN / New guide dog guidelines
  8. EU/ Inflatable guide dog campaigns for access for the blind
  9. UK/ Dangerous dog proposals welcomed by Cambridge residents
  10. Raising a Seeing Eye Dog Is an Act of Kindness
  11. CAN / Toronto police admit it's their job to step in when service dogs denied
  12. AU / Guide Dogs Victoria’s Arnold Cook Centre needs rebuilding to help bring peo
  13. EU/ Edinburgh Airport hosts guide dog training day
  14. CAN / Toronto police investigate woman's claim of discrimination over
  15. Leader Dog puppies start learning early
  16. CAN / Ontario claims to be a leader in helping people with disabilities
  17. New book guides kids through service dog's duties
  18. Community helps woman who lost guide dog
  19. UK / Blind Dudley man hit by same silent hybrid car TWICE
  20. Pups with a Purpose: Guide dogs provide help, stability to many
  21. Six veterans graduate 'Paws for Patriots' program, start new lives
  22. $17000 grant awarded to PTSD service dog trainer
  23. Service Dogs Educating Clarksburg Community
  24. A very special kind of 'Best Friend'
  25. Elyria boy's pup not just a pet
  26. MOVED: 'Fake' Service Dogs A Growing Problem
  27. MOVED: Scam Alert: Pet-Owners Who Falsely Claim Disability Buy Dog ...
  28. MOVED: Phony Service Dogs
  29. MOVED: Fake service dogs create real problems
  30. MOVED: Online certification raises concerns for service dogs
  31. MOVED: California may crack down on illegitimate SD's
  32. MOVED: Would You Pretend Your Dog Was a Service Animal Just to Sneak ..
  33. MOVED: Would you pretend your dog is a SD
  34. MOVED: Easy-to-Obtain Vests Can Make an Untrained Pet Look Like an .
  35. MOVED: Fake service dogs a real problem at airports and other public ...
  36. MOVED: Parking in a handicapped spot is illegal, and so is misrepresenting your pet as
  37. MOVED: Advocates work to combat fraudulent service dog breeders and .
  38. MOVED: Services Dogs of VA Speak out on "Fake" Service Dog Trend
  39. MOVED: Are some dog lovers passing their untrained pets as 'service dogs?'
  40. MOVED: City officials seeing falsified applications to have pit bulls as service
  41. MOVED: Animal law section keeps it real
  42. MOVED: Joseph Rose: Getting a Great Dane onto a TriMet bus (good luck .
  43. MOVED: Fake Service Dogs
  44. MOVED: Are some dog lovers passing their untrained pets as 'service dogs?'
  45. MOVED: A Hairy Subject: Renters, Dogs & No-Pet Apartments in West
  46. MOVED: LEX 18 News Investigates: Fake Service Dogs
  47. MOVED: Service Dogs on Airplanes to Get More Scrutiny From DOT
  48. MOVED: When is a service dog not a service dog?
  49. MOVED: Letter of the Day: Stop 'blatant abuse' of service-animal system
  50. MOVED: Dog owners are dressing their pets up in fake service vests