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  1. Dog goes wild at Cats: Service pooch belonging to member of audience charges aft
  2. Purpose and a place for a service dog | As I See It
  3. AU/ Dome Cafe Gosnells employee asked woman and her assistance
  4. Seeking Global Entry or TSA Prechesk status
  5. CAN / Via apologizes to Windsor woman with two service dogs and .
  6. Canada news
  7. Woman's service dog taken away due to city pit bull ban
  8. UK / A man with epilepsy has been banned from Poundland after a row
  9. Aspen service-dog lawsuit headed toward settlement
  10. AU/ Complaints of three attacks by dog living on US embassy property
  11. Madison County service dog nonprofit possibly scamming customers
  12. UK/ Pub discriminated against customers with assistance dog carvery
  13. Dear Miss Manners:
  14. RUNNING How the first running guide dogs are leading blind runners to newfound i
  15. Servicemember Claims Discrimination Over Service Dog On ...
  16. Cops say man filmed wife doing unthinkable with service dog
  17. ‘She Had Her Vest On’: Woman With Service Dog Attacked At Grocery Store
  18. How did Eugene’s downtown dog ban work? Let’s look at the numbers
  19. Wisconsin dog owners worried about untrained service animals
  20. Abuse of service animal laws a growing concern for local guide dog owners
  21. Veteran Affairs to trial using assistance
  22. Mall Santa Sends Away Girl With Service Dog
  23. Highly Trained Autism Service Dog to Assist Four-Year-Old Child in
  24. Man and service dog denied at North Dallas restaurant
  25. CAN / Service dog handlers face bitter pushback, kicked out of public places
  26. Woman says Duplin Co. restaurant targeted her because of service dog
  27. Australian blind woman regains freedom with guide dog
  28. MN family says they paid $15K for badly trained service dog
  29. Fraudulent service animal laws aren't being enforced
  30. Woman says she was bitten by emotional support dog in JetBlue check-in line
  31. Federal law could prevent crackdown on fake service animals
  32. UK/ Attacks on guide dogs reach record high
  33. Japan / Japan: Blind man who kicked guide dog barred from owning one for life
  34. 2nd case, was Re: U.S. District Court Issues Important Emotional Support Animal
  35. Uber service animal policy under fire for 'doctor’s or cleric’s letter' exemptio
  36. U.S. District Court Issues Important Emotional Support Animal Medical Verificati
  37. UK / Blind pervert will have his guide dog taken away
  38. Service dog named dog of the year
  39. Every dog has its day! Judge ALLOWS therapy pooch to stay in sorority house afte
  40. UK / Blind man with a guide dog claims he was forced to sit on the FLOOR of a Vi
  41. ADA violations over service dog in sorority house
  42. New Haven police detective using dog claims disability discrimination
  43. Electric cars: A silent killer?
  44. UK / Former Sheffield MP David Blunkett mourns death of 'brave' guide dog
  45. UK / How cyclists and guide dogs are reacting to the rise of self-driving cars
  46. CAN / Uber launches new plan to stop illegal refusals to service-animal users
  47. Ruled an accident/ Blind Pedestrian Fatally Struck By Train, Guide Dog Survives
  48. Trainer's dog bites boy at hearing on trainer ordinance By: Chris Cato, FOX 13
  49. A Service Dog Bit My Dad In The Butt. Here's What To Do Next
  50. Tampa man walking with service dog injured in hit-and-run crash