Author Topic: How to get through airport security with medical disabilities or equipment  (Read 616 times)

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To help passengers with special needs understand what they can expect during screening, the Transportation Security Administration offers tips for more than two dozen conditions or scenarios, from traveling with a service dog to carrying diabetes medications.
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Very informative article!

I learned about two things I did not know about previously.

1.  TSA will help you make arrangements to get through security in advance if you call their cares number at 1-855-787-2227 at least 72 hours prior to your departure.

"TSA recommends that passengers call approximately 72 hours ahead of travel so that TSA Cares has the opportunity to coordinate checkpoint support with a TSA Customer Service Manager located at the airport when necessary."

2.  TSA offers a free, downloadable notification card to protect your privacy.  It helps you to communicate your disability related needs to TSA staff without having to say it out loud and be overheard.

You could certainly make your own card, but I think it's nice of them to think of providing one.
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