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  1. CAN / Store Boots Autistic Girl & Service Dog TWICE!
  2. Letter: Be honest, ethical with 'service' dogs
  3. School denies access to student's service dog
  4. Tube rule change allows guide dogs on escalators
  5. Disabled vet with service dog barking up wrong tree
  6. From combat to a parking lot
  7. UK /Guide dog savaged in Bull Terrier attack
  8. What Kando can do!
  9. Dog fight rages on
  10. Blind Great Dane and Guide Dog in Need of New Home
  11. Bon Jovi Soul Kitchen
  12. HUD Charges Parkway Condos With Discrimination Against The Disabled
  13. Puppy Mill Study-- Sensitive Topic!!
  14. Dogs Allegedly Attack Veteran's Service Dog Outside Walmart
  15. Renter asks if her lease is binding to new landlord
  16. Search and rescue dog, owner declined lease at condo
  17. Missing blind woman's guide dog found alive in Portland
  18. Search continues for service dog
  19. Campground ordered to pay for denying service dog
  20. Church Group Excludes Guide Dog From Retreat Facility
  21. House OKs more service dogs at VA facilities
  22. Federal Case Over Banning a Student's Therapy Dog Illustrates ...
  23. Stutter? Not in a NJ college classroom!
  24. Ariz. dog seller's silence is Golden
  26. Shopping gone to the dogs
  27. Renowned British Dog Trainer: “Give Lennox Back”
  28. Tom Loewy: A plea to put a leash on bad dogs
  29. guide dog graffitti image
  30. Service dog killed in bus crash
  31. Family pleads for stolen dog to be returned
  32. Benefactor pays for surgery for disabled woman's service dog
  34. Baggett: Disabled Texas vet mourns service dog
  35. Inmates & Mental Illness
  36. Owner Reunited With Service Dog After Viewer Sees Story
  37. Trainer mauled trying to protect her guide dog
  38. CBT Therapy Eases Severe Schizophrenia
  39. Psychiatric Advance Directives Initiative
  40. Relief Areas at Airports
  41. Guide dog traumatised by terrier's savage attack
  42. Going to the Dogs: Pets and Owners Share Resistant Pathogens
  43. UK / Disabled and old pet owners will suffer the most’
  44. Alert dog barred from class
  45. Davis School Board to OK service dogs in meeting federal law
  46. Wyoming/ Rules for service animals considered at Campbell County School ...
  47. New rules for traveling with pets to the UK
  48. SACRAMENTO - A Gridley High School teacher's seeing-eye dog was ...
  49. Dog gets Hilary Swank booted from cafe
  50. Disabled people should not own dogs/Life Or Death Verdict Looms For Lennox