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  1. Arrow Brand Dog Food Recalled on Aflatoxin Concerns
  2. FDA announces voluntary recall on Dog Power Dog Food
  3. AU / Spot the difference: more leeway for assistance animals
  4. A Tale Of Trauma Wagging The Dog, And What It Means For Us
  5. Cane for Blind improves social interactions
  6. Strict Definition of 'Service Animal' a Likely Bone of Contention ...
  7. Tenants wants to raise guide dogs
  8. Man files complaint after dog kicked off bus
  9. CA Assistance Dog Special Allowance Program
  10. world's oldest living dog
  11. Autistic boy's service dog falls ill to poison
  12. UNK to fight discrimination lawsuit
  13. Aflatoxin recall Iams dog food | The Daily Tail | Dog & Cat ...
  14. Rural Suicides Increase After Medicaid Cuts
  15. Haptic feedback shoes let the blind see with every step
  16. Taiwan/ Guide dog association slams judge's discriminatory treatment
  17. National disgrace: poor quality of life for Australians with disabilities
  18. Eatery that banned service dog closed
  19. Justice for Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell’s Dog, DASY
  20. Service Dog Fitted With Prosthetic Leg
  21. Dogs serve as guardian angels
  22. Blind man left stranded on Tube
  23. Antioch woman pleads guilty to stealing autistic boy’s therapy dog
  24. Seeing-Eye-Goose Befriends Blind Dog
  25. China / Chongqing lets guide dogs for blind in public
  26. Judge Marcy Friedman says Gloria Clark, who is blind, can sue ...
  27. Hit & Run on guide dog
  28. BCFD Apologizes Over Service Animal Dispute
  29. Dog learns to shop
  30. Owners say neighbors who shot their dogs over-reacted; neighbors ...
  31. Panhandler Robs Blind Man in New Castle
  32. In Defense of Animals and a Thanksgiving miracle for Kiva
  33. Justice Dept. Sues University Over Its Decision to Ban a Student's ...
  34. Ross incident leaves Guide Dogs for Blind official in coma
  35. UK / Blind man and his dog turned away from Leeds cafe
  36. New Accessibility Signs Not Enough
  37. SA / Disabled take their campaign to the streets
  38. Australia goes to the Dogs
  39. LUA Dalmatians and the AKC
  40. Bamboo Dedham says sorry following discrimination complaint
  41. Blind man says paramedics prevented guide dog from traveling with him
  42. AU / Injured disabled man blasts Sunbus
  43. Coming Home: Project ROVER
  44. CAN / On the job hunt, with a four-legged friend
  45. Bad idea: Robot seeing-eye dogs :nowink:
  46. Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine, Study Suggests
  47. Laughter Reall IS the Best Medicine! LoL
  48. Computerized Anxiety Therapy Found Helpful in Small Trial
  49. Apartments Doors must open to service animals
  50. Blind humour: Laughing at sighted people