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  1. An Off Leash Dog Ruined My Life: A Service Dog’s Story (blog post)
  2. Mini horses for disabled students
  3. How far can a condo go when asking about emotional support animals?
  4. UK / Dog study warns of rising Lyme disease threat
  5. UK / Dogs pose Lyme disease risk
  6. CAN / Autism dog advertising begins
  7. The New Police Siren You Can Actually Feel
  8. South Colton dog trainer accused by clients of duping them
  9. proposed bill florida
  10. Oh, so that's why he gets to bring his dog everywhere
  11. Dog Spotted Hogging Seat On Crowded Subway
  12. For my eyes only
  13. ‎chicken jerky treats made in China
  14. Therapy dog who visited Ground Zero dies
  15. Pet Dogs Can Carry Human Norovirus, Study Shows
  16. Robots Are Learning To Take Care Of Pets
  17. 10News Looks At Rules For Pets In Businesses
  18. Classes at home for Luke as school keeps ban on 'help' dog
  19. Blind man banned from Sunderland shopping centre because his guide ...
  20. Ancient Domesticated Dog Skull Found in Siberian Cave
  21. New Definition of Autism Will Exclude Many, Study Suggests
  22. There might be a 'good dog' gene
  23. Anti-Tethering Ordinance Passed by County Commission
  24. Cash crisis cuts dogs for autistic youngsters
  25. AU / Wheelchair passenger loses Jetstar case
  26. Wikipedia Blackout: 11 Huge Sites Protest SOPA, PIPA On January 18
  27. Service dog leads former Plainfield woman to be animal rights activist
  28. Attacked
  29. Think a Dog's Mouth is Cleaner Than a Human's? Think Again.
  30. Officials of the Reno homeless shelter Friday night refused to ...
  31. Go Take A Nap
  32. VA hospital turns away Vietnam veteran's service dog
  33. Cy-Fair man sued over alleged dog attack
  34. Dogs paws keep them warm on frozen ground with special circulation ...
  35. Art and Mental Illness
  36. Woman and her dog experience close encounter with coyotes
  37. NZ / Cash needed to save doggy helper
  38. Trauma in Childhood can Induce Psychosis
  39. Could DSM be Culturally Biased?
  40. Resident Status Takes Bite Out of Fight to Keep Therapy Dog
  41. Supreme Court recognized a “ministerial exception” to employment discrimination
  42. People with disabilities get help planning for emergencies
  43. Lejeune Marine receives service dog to help with PTSD
  44. HARRISON TWP.: Restaurant refuses customer with service dog
  45. Guide dog Nyle could be Hollywood's next big star
  46. Condo May Be Liable for Mishandling Service Dog
  47. Police K9 takes her last ride
  48. What Happens When A Pit Bull is a Service Dog?
  49. The U.S. Postal Service is issuing four new stamps that honor working dogs.
  50. Homeless Vet Claims Shelter Denied Him, His Service Dog