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  1. CAN / Restaurant fined after human rights complaint filed
  2. Legal Victory for Disabled Veteran Forced to Relinquish Service Dog
  3. Belfast dog Lennox put to sleep after 2-year fight
  4. Outrage over Lennox: Dog put to sleep for looking like a pit bull in Northern Ir
  5. Parity Implementation Coalition
  6. Native Americans: Dual Diagnosis Health
  7. Mental Illness in Health Law
  8. Man’s Best Friend Lives Up to the Name
  9. FDA Inspection Likely to Further Implicate Diamond Pet Foods
  10. Homeless Vet's Service Dog On The Mend After Help From Good ...
  11. Boca man fights to keep dog in condo, says it's medically necessary
  12. Her assistant, her guide, her horse
  13. Service dog being trained in Stuart to watch over little girl with life-threaten
  14. Hate letter sparked MacDonald's issue
  15. NJ man wants Wawa to pay for service dogs following incident in ...
  16. Second Chinese restaurant on Eastern Shore agrees to fine for ...
  17. UK / Black lab provides 'freedom' to blind Charlottetown woman
  18. Red Cross Continues Relief Operation in Wildfire-Ravaged West
  19. Mental Health Care and the Affordable Care Act
  20. Peer Support Proves Recovery Possible!
  21. Schizophrenia Research
  22. TeleMedicine and Behavioral Health
  23. CBT Therapy Best for Anxiety Disorders
  24. 3-legged pup helps the disabled
  25. Disabled Kaiser employee appeals exclusion of service dog at San ...
  26. George Jonas: A world gone to the dogs (with my blessing)
  27. Law Firm Settles Feds' Civil Rights Suit re Client's Service Dog; Will ...
  28. another food recall
  29. Guide horse draws quite the crowd
  30. Bouncers Rescue Service Dogs From Burning Van
  31. Blind man and his guide dog survive being hit by car
  32. Dog Attack Separates Veteran from Best Friend
  33. Alberta CAN / Who does the service dog act protect?
  34. ‎Stevenage blind man 'disgusted' after taxi driver refuses his guide ...
  35. Service Dog Attacked at Arden Way Motel
  36. Man Not Allowed to Bring Service Dog Into Wawa‎
  37. Resiliency to Life Stressors
  38. Schizophrenia Drug Research
  39. MOVED: For things to change!
  40. Dog Days at Walmart
  41. Disabled woman asked to leave Ann Taylor store because of guide ...
  42. "special needs kinda and dogs,"
  43. Spooked service dog runs away
  44. Twyla's dream: Family in need of service dog to control girl's seizures
  45. Schizophrenia and epilepsy have 'strong link'
  46. UK / Restaurant manager vows to change 'no dogs' policy after ...
  47. ‎South Africa/ Disabled woman left in lurch as dog quarantined
  48. McDonald’s kicked her out too, says woman with a St. Bernard for a service dog
  49. Wetaskiwin man asked to leave restaurant because of service dog
  50. Golfer gets assist from dog in fighting off teens on Portland golf course