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  1. Alissa Gets Her Dog / DAD puppy
  2. Spain's disabled protest austerity cuts
  3. Emmitsburg family helps train service dogs
  4. Donors help girl, 6, get diabetes alert dog/ ADULT dog
  5. Abilene Family Says Virginia Service Dog Company Is A Scam
  6. Six Service Dogs of VA Canines Graduate from Training School
  7. Reward offered for dog
  8. Blind Woman With Service Dog, Kicked Out of LR Restaurant
  9. Only certified service animals meet legal barometer
  10. Let's hear it for dogs
  11. Dealership benefits Leader Dogs
  12. UK / The HUMAN dogs: They carry buckets, call lifts, open doors and ...
  13. Singapore/ Third guide dog for the blind introduced to the public
  15. School says girl can't bring diabetes service dog to class
  16. Dogs and owners get their bark on at Woofstock open house
  17. Diabetes Dogs: K9 insulin monitors
  18. Ex-guardsman copes with help of service dog
  19. Couple training 'Grace' to help visually impaired
  20. MGDF delegation returns from Sicily trip
  21. Guide dogs receive training at Great Bear
  22. SERVICE DOGS: Training school opens in Mira Loma
  23. Man's Best Friend Training to Help Veterans
  24. Lola: The eyes and ears of Groton Police Dept.
  25. Guiding Eyes Accepting New Puppy Raisers And Fosters
  26. Crowds remember pet Cody
  27. Firings lead to uproar
  28. Machinists raise nearly $300000 for Guide Dogs of America
  29. Helping our heroes
  30. AU / Words with Wyman: Let's not be sad
  31. First-ever guide dog cross country runner looks to join college cross ...
  32. Man's best friend training to help veterans
  33. Dog goes beyond title of mans best friend
  34. CSU student trains Chihuahua to be a service dog
  35. Suit against Virginia dog company in Wortham’s court
  36. Utah woman chosen to receive canine companion
  37. Tom Gryder of Vienna, Va., and service dog Astro, denied entry to ...
  38. Saluting our Service Members West
  39. Retired K-9 Officer Rescued from Shelter
  40. Amherst homeless shelter wrestles with definition of service dog
  41. AU / Safety guide to ease anxiety
  42. Training service dogs helps heal troops
  43. Paws for Purple Hearts helping provide service dogs for wounded ...
  44. Pastor loses his sight, learns something new every day
  45. Service dog senses dips in blood sugar of diabetes patient
  46. Dog wins restraining order in Massachusetts
  47. The Myth of Hypoallergenic Dogs
  48. Denver's Ad 2 partner with local non-profit, Canine Partners of the ...
  49. Disabled with service dogs have rights
  50. Police: Fitchburg man tried to murder blind wife, kicked guide dog