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  1. UK/ Attacks on guide dogs reach record high
  2. Japan / Japan: Blind man who kicked guide dog barred from owning one for life
  3. 2nd case, was Re: U.S. District Court Issues Important Emotional Support Animal
  4. Uber service animal policy under fire for 'doctor’s or cleric’s letter' exemptio
  5. U.S. District Court Issues Important Emotional Support Animal Medical Verificati
  6. UK / Blind pervert will have his guide dog taken away
  7. Service dog named dog of the year
  8. Every dog has its day! Judge ALLOWS therapy pooch to stay in sorority house afte
  9. UK / Blind man with a guide dog claims he was forced to sit on the FLOOR of a Vi
  10. ADA violations over service dog in sorority house
  11. New Haven police detective using dog claims disability discrimination
  12. Electric cars: A silent killer?
  13. UK / Former Sheffield MP David Blunkett mourns death of 'brave' guide dog
  14. UK / How cyclists and guide dogs are reacting to the rise of self-driving cars
  15. CAN / Uber launches new plan to stop illegal refusals to service-animal users
  16. Ruled an accident/ Blind Pedestrian Fatally Struck By Train, Guide Dog Survives
  17. Trainer's dog bites boy at hearing on trainer ordinance By: Chris Cato, FOX 13
  18. A Service Dog Bit My Dad In The Butt. Here's What To Do Next
  19. Tampa man walking with service dog injured in hit-and-run crash
  20. Two dogs fight, one dies. Who's right?
  21. Families pay thousands for service dogs they say misbehave in public
  22. Program that pairs service dogs with veterans booted from Fort Belvoir and Walte
  23. Judge vacates trial after ‘service animal’ brief
  24. Florida judge orders CRST service dog case moved to Iowa
  25. Life Care Centers to adopt service animal policy following ADA
  26. Research organization wants SD handlers to take a survey
  27. MOVED: I have to stop looking at these before I lose my mind
  28. Chiropracter prescribing ESAs-- will not end well for him
  29. If you say so
  30. Chihuahua that must touch handler if she faints?
  31. Stateline article
  32. Noelle's Dogs Four Hope is out of business
  33. NCSU settles legal complaint over ESA
  34. Can Dogs Predict Seizures?
  35. Woman dragged off plane after complaining about SD.
  36. Video shows woman yelling about veteran's service dog in restaurant
  37. Veteran loses appeal after support dog denied entry to courthouse
  38. Penngrove’s Green Mill Inn sold (To Bonnie Bergin and husband)
  39. Community Rallies to get Autistic Boy a Service Dog
  40. MOVED: Former Disney star Logan Paul fakes service dog to fly
  41. Michigan motel refused entry to disabled boy's service dog
  42. Mother misses son's wedding after church rejects service dog
  43. Wyoming put into effect a new law outlawing fake service dogs
  44. Let's abolish the California Board of Guide Dogs for the Blind
  45. Fake service dog's presence in restaurant alarming
  46. UK / Miniature guide horses could soon be a thing in the UK
  47. NZ / Charges for guide dogs upsetting
  48. Israel / This farm trains up adorable guide ponies for the blind
  49. UK / My Hotel Stay Shows We Must Keep Fighting Ignorance About
  50. Puppy love: service dogs serve as matchmakers for their owners