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  1. Puppies and firefighters: Keizer fire station hosts service dog trainees
  2. AU / Dedicated animal bathrooms opened up at Brisbane Airport
  3. Assistance Dogs ARE Happy, Guest Column by Toni Eames
  4. A service dog was reported stolen
  5. Rescue Group Has Big Plans for Severely Injured Pit Bull
  6. Service dog donated for girl with bipiolar disease
  7. NZ /Best friend lends a helping hand
  8. Yorktown's Guiding Eyes For The Blind Helps Autistic Children
  9. BART's Fleet Of The Future Debuts In SF To Cheers And Jeers ...
  10. For the love of Lilly Biddeford -
  11. A Year Later, Boston Bombing Survivors Living With “Hope, Strength ...
  12. Students aim to educate people and dogs
  13. United States: Opticians Deny Request For Service Dog:
  14. Pit bulls, bonds, Fresh Hop event top Yakima agenda
  15. Shopping dogs...
  16. Elon exceeds ADA obligations for disabled students
  17. Diabetic alert dog to keep watchful eye over Holly Pond boy
  18. UK/ Mountain challenge for blind couple
  19. AU / A dog makes life easier Liverpool City
  20. China/ Learn to accept guide dogs
  21. Rotary pledges to provide service dog for Richmond Hill girl
  22. Vancouver dog park mauling death: 'It was like a bad dream'
  23. Lewiston man seeks help for service dog
  24. Service dogs trained in Westchester changing people's lives
  25. AU/ Quest to raise $15000 for a helpful Smart Pup
  26. AU / Dooley grown up and ready to help
  27. UK / Trainee guide dogs take to the skies - with a little help from Virgin
  28. UK/ Guide dogs give people back their lives:
  29. Injured service dog faces surgeries, long recovery
  30. Local shelter trains dogs for veterans
  31. UK / Cabbie prosecuted for snubbing blind person
  32. UK / Autistic boy (9) in bus stand-off over helper dog
  33. Local group helping severely wounded soldier
  34. UK / Dog Attack on Guide, Assistance Dogs Can Put Owner in Prison ...
  35. AU / Why blind paralympian Bart Bunting doesn't trust Sydney's trains
  36. Peace of mind has a wet nose
  37. Mental Health in Prisons
  38. NZ/ Ministry takes over state house allocation
  39. For wheelchair users, navigating Portland's streets requires patience
  40. Rescue dog continues to serve
  41. Spin for Kids bikers help support kids' special needs
  42. Guide dog receives the Purple Paw
  43. Fundraiser hopes to collect Penny
  44. UW-L Student Receives Service Dog.
  45. The world, unleashed
  46. Child with Rare Disease in Need of Service Dog
  47. An uptick in service animals on airplanes is sparking controversy
  48. Colorado Springs Woman Searching For Missing Service Dog
  49. Girl with diabetes needs help
  50. Health care provider sued for refusing to allow service dog at school