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  1. Her job is seeing for others
  2. Stagecoach service dog Tristan retires in style with park party
  3. Guide dog owner accused of beating shopkeeper
  4. An Inspiring Dream For the Blind
  5. The golden years of travel
  6. Quiet hybrids a threat to the blind
  7. Guergis out in left field: reader (about tax credit for SDs in Canada)
  8. Housing agency agrees man's dog can live with him
  9. Seeing Eye dog's talents include sniffing out salmon
  10. Teacher quits after wife, guide dog denied access
  11. 4-legged prescription for veterans' stress
  12. ruling allows 18 year old muslim man to take his guide dog into the mosque (uk)
  13. University of Minnesota Scientists ID Gene Linked To Labrador Ailment
  14. Dog Dials 911 When Owner Has Seizure
  15. Israeli city uses DNA to catch people who don't clean up after their dogs
  16. Two women take on county over service animal policies
  17. Two articles about access in Beijing/Paralympics
  18. Woman Protects Service Dog From Pit Bull Attack
  19. Dogs and machines sniff for cancer
  20. MATC helps level the playing field for students with disabilities
  21. Skies are unfriendly for autism assistance dogs
  22. Pedigree dogs plagues by disease
  23. cloned dogs for service work
  24. Legally blind man can't get guide dog because of 'hood
  25. NZ Student fights for right to bring dog to uni
  26. Action Alert: DOJ's Rule Changes will Limit Access
  27. GDUI speaks out on DOJ's proposed changes to definition of "service animal."
  28. She's baaaack! Theraputic monkey, Richard, in suit against health department
  29. Sweeping ADA update would affect millions
  30. Disability 101: Are you really willing to help?
  31. DALLAS Mandatory Spay-Neuter?
  32. Man beats 3-month-old puppy
  33. Missing Service Dog lost from being left in car..
  34. Hudson neighbors clash over where Seeing Eye dog relieves itself
  35. AG sues company that trains dogs for diabetics
  36. Woman's guide dog mauled
  37. Service dog handler dies, cause unknown
  38. An Open Source Seeing Eye Dog for Web Surfers
  39. Mooroolbark family backs guide dogs
  40. Plans change for guide dog school in northeast Wisconsin
  41. Che Forest and PSD in Australia - appeal
  42. No Excuses: Former LP Resident Focuses On Capabilities
  43. House Passes ADA Restoration Act 402-17
  44. Pet Tales: Owner may know best about pet's health
  45. Man in wheelchair charged with drunk driving
  46. Guide Dogs for the Blind and HumanWare launch new education initiative
  47. Schurz hall coordinator develops relationship with new Seeing Eye dog
  48. American with Disabilities Act Service Dog Access Laws
  49. PetCo Dog Food Seizure
  50. Looks like they are updating the title II regs too