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  1. Proposed ADA Regulations Withdrawn from OMB Review
  2. Faithful canine has class .... at Chatham High
  3. Service Dog "Willow" Braces, Packs, Pushes and Pulls
  5. Cabbies banned my guide dog
  6. Government may narrow definition of service animal
  7. Appleton man Jack Nigl helps devise new tool that aids wheelchair users
  8. Star gets used to life on the train
  9. President Obama's Agenda on Disabilities
  10. Guide dog opens world for visually-impaired man
  11. Visually impaired on right path with GPS
  12. Great danger awaits all pedestrians in Asheville
  13. Do you see ... the monkey on my back?
  14. Alberta, CA: City man getting ruff end of deal?
  15. Adrian woman helped by hearing service dog
  16. Australia: Blind man's compo 'pathetic'
  17. Tehachapi goes to court: Death of guide dog, owner’s injuries lead to claim aga
  18. Labrador Retriever Club & Poodle Club of America Weigh in on 'Labradoodle' Debat
  19. Wanted: sensitive sniffers
  20. The right of access for people with disabilities
  21. Sidewalk sale: Pedestrian-unfriendly can become a costly legal problem.
  22. Bush administration finishes disaster housing plan
  23. Blind man joins mum of black murder victim to tackle hate crime
  24. DOJ ADA Changes Leaked
  25. Updates on Heavenscent Paws
  26. Americans with Disabilities Act now applies to more people
  27. LUMBERYARD LOGS: ‘Drive-by’ lawsuits hit local businesses
  28. An Advocate For The Disabled Or A Legal Extortionist?
  29. For the Blind, Technology Does What a Guide Dog Can’t
  30. Apprentice scheme launched for potential guide dog trainers
  31. Seeing Eye celebrates anniversary on Wall Street
  32. NY editorial article. Dog of a lawsuit:
  33. giant eagle store ordered handicapped person service dog out
  34. UK /Colchester: Billy, the dog who helps Tilli hear
  35. Amended Disability Laws Go Into Effect Thursday
  36. DOJ's Proposal and Rationale for Allowing Psychiatric Service Animals (dogs only
  37. AZ / Valley volunteers sued after refusing to return guide dogs
  38. Horsefeathers
  39. Guided by love: A reporter recalls life with Bates,
  40. SB 685, ensures Californians can provide for pets in their wills.
  41. Assistance Monkeys, Ducks, Parrots, Pigs and Ducks ... Should the law protect th
  42. Search is on for lost guide-dog-in-training
  43. Brooklyn girl needs guide dog
  44. Woman sues for 10M for being denied subway rides with dog
  45. Advocate For The Blind Champions Training, Education
  46. Guide Dogs of the Desert in Rose Parade
  47. Blind man stranded by snow-covered sidewalk
  49. Creature Comforts - Assistance Animals Now Come in All Shapes and Sizes
  50. Melamine found in Chinese baby formula powder